Thursday, July 24, 2014

Warby Parker: Beacon Collection

   It all began in 4th grade. Mrs. K wrote an arithmetic problem on the blackboard, and the entire class dutifully began copying down the equation, while I blankly stared. Not blankly staring in the usual, "What the hell is an uncommon denominator?" sort of way. No, it was more of a, "I BLIND NOW! Mom was so right about too much Nintendo!". And so the eyeglass prescriptions started. (P.S. I would never say "hell" back in 4th grade. Private school).

   As a 10 year old, I could hardly wait until "four eyes" were replaced by "acuvue." If only Warby Parker had been around during those formative years. Ugh. My class pictures would've been so much cuter! 

   That's why I'm writing today about WP's newest eyewear collection.
You guys. Please please please. When it comes to your eyes: Choose cute. 
{The Beacon Collection} is a perfect place to start. It's New York City meets Summer 2014 meets Up all Night on a Rooftop meets Late Morning Brunch meets Oh My Gosh I Want All The Glasses! (Literally. That's pretty much what I do whenever I'm in NYC. And it's glorious)

And per usual Warby Parker fashion, "Buy a Pair, Give a Pair." 

{Note: This is not a paid/sponsored post. I was contacted by WP to do a write-up and decided to do it, mainly as a reminder to schedule an eye exam at Costco. THEN I can order a new pair of glasses. Probably, from WP. Maybe the Into the Gloss 10-02 . Blogger Disclaimer, Out!)

{Bon Bon}


Jessica Holly said...

I'm ok with it...these almost make me want to fake fail my eye test. 20/20 vision can be such a fashion sacrifice! #firstworldproblems

Brooke Manolis said...

Haha I just love the way you write! I would never had said hell in 4th grade either...more because of living in the Bible Belt though. I love this collection! Thanks for sharing!

brooke lyn said...

Will definitely be using WP on my next pair of frames!

Courtney Martineau said...

Which frame are you wearing in the picture?

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