Thursday, January 9, 2014

2014! I Can Dig It.

{Most "Liked" Instagram photo of 2013}

Oh hey there. Don't mind me. Just dusting off the pixel cobwebs here. 
November thru, umm, right now has been delightfully busy. Equal parts real busy and fake busy. (You know the "fake" busy...where you frantically shift your priorities around on a continual basis, making things seem super important, especially during free time...either I'm working out OR eating chocolate fudge brownie ice cream. Either I'm blogging OR doing anything and everything but because that's what I want to do. the end) 

Long story short, the past several weeks: The Bean turned TWO! Daniel turned much much older than that! My Grandpa turned much much MUCH older than that! I fell down the stairs, like, all the way dowwwwwwwn, and bruised my *coccyx. And we celebrated Christmas about seven different times. (Bean's new go-to phrase is "One more present?")

Life is good, and the *gulp* older I get, the more I want to **truly live. 
(Hopefully without anymore slipping on hardwood floors) 

*Yes. You read that right. My coccyx. Fancy word for "Falling Flat on Your Butt and Bumping Down the Stairs like a Bugs Bunny Cartoon."  
Don't worry, it's all better now. My stocking was practically bursting in pairs of fuzzy socks WITH grippy bottoms. My family gets me. 

**1 Thessalonians 3:8! Holla!


{Bon Bon}

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