Saturday, December 31, 2011

Good Good 2011

{A smattering of Reasons why This Week has been Plain ol' Good}

*Crepes, babies, puppies, friends, and mimosas {here}

*Throwing on a pair of jeans. I can wear {these} again. 'nough said.

*Two date nights with the stud hubs to watch {this} action. It's good to be back.

*Getting a facebook friend request from my {Grandma Bess}. my life is now complete.

*Hopelessly addicted to drinking the largest size of {this} I can get.

*1 Year of official-public- blogging-ness under my belt. wowza.
Some of my most hearted posts: {here}{here}{here}{here}{here}{here}{here} and {here}

*My boys and I, entering a new year full of possibilities.

Anything is possible.

Happy 2012!


{Bon Bon}

Monday, December 26, 2011

My New Baby

Back in the day, when Daniel and I were but young and sparkly-eyed newlyweds {back in the day=about 12 months ago, give or take}, I told him that someday, someday in the hazy future, once we started having babies, we needed to get a big kid camera.

"Someday" in our minds was after we bought a plant, and then a puppy. After we traveled the world. Went skydiving. Climbed Mt. something something.

Then God laughed at our version of life.

Along came Baby Bean plus two plants from Ikea.

We are rolling in responsibility now.

Yesterday I opened my snazzy new camera.
It's going to capture a whole lotta life.
As we hop around the globe. Jump out of planes. Summit peaks. With Baby Bean and all of his future siblings.

What is your favorite Christmas gift of 2011?


{Bon Bon}

Friday, December 23, 2011

Official Christmas "Card"

Baby Bean is

A). Crying
B). Yawning
C). Singing
D). Stealing the spotlight in life by being so darn adorable

Answer: a little bit of B and a whole lotta D.

Wishing you all a Very Merry Whim Wham Christmas!


{Bon Bon}

Monday, December 19, 2011

Reason #38 to Have a Baby

{Tonight's Menu: Pecan Pie/Banana Pudding smorgasbord}

Hi. I'm Bon Bon.
And I haven't cooked a meal in 3 weeks. or gone grocery shopping.
I think I made a piece of toast the other morning.
Yes. I'm getting spoiled.
Is there a support group for this phenomenon?

Don't worry. We've been eating. Good and plenty.
Thanks to family and friends.
Giving us food. Making us food.
nom nom nom.
Plus dessert.

We're eating so well and living the good life...the idea of baby #2 seems better and better with every bite*

{*Daniel, I'm completely joking. You know how I love my grub though}

The shopping I can't get out of, unfortunately...
Late late procrastinator late Christmas shopping.
Wish us luck!


{Bon Bon}

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Best

{and then we bought a mini tree at Trader Joes. $3.99}

The past two weeks...whirlwind.
After about 4 days of no sleep (labor/delivery/hospital stay/visitors), I took an hour long nap and woke up feeling like wonder woman.
Since then, our days have been filled with pediatrician visits, shopping trips, coffee dates, family, friends, birthday dinners, christmas parties, and a concert.
A 10 day old Baby Bean at a concert? That.Just.Happened.

He did great.

He is great.
He eats great.
He sleeps great.
He makes us newbie parents look great.

Last night, the boys stayed in for a few hours while I had a mini-girls' night.
New dress. New shoes. New jewelry.
Chicken Alfredo. Italian Soda. Chocolate cake.
So insanely good.

Then I came home to a sleepy baby and a stud hubs.
And that. takes the cake. Hands down.


{Bon Bon}

Monday, December 12, 2011

Giveaway: Sseko Designs


Anyone have the Monday morning blues?
It's a good thing you have me in your life.
I'm here to help spread a little holiday cheer and get rid of those blahs!

Thanks to the lovely Liz over at Sseko Designs, you can enter to win one of their brand spankin' new pleated clutches.

Haven't heard of Sseko?
Check them out {here}
You'll find a smorgasbord of handmade sandals {and now these amazing clutches}...
handmade goodies that are helping empower and educate women in Uganda, while sharing a story worldwide of beauty, hope, and restoration.

Girl power.

I'm a big fan.

Want to be a big fan and win this gorgeous piece?

I thought so.

Giveaway Rules

*Must be a follower of The Whim Wham Life
*Must "like" Sseko Designs on Facebook {here}
*Must be a big believer in dreams and living life fully

Winner will be selected Monday December 19th!


{Bon Bon}

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Josiah James: Birth Story

{fresh out of the oven}

First, can we talk about what a rockstar Baby Bean is?
5 minutes old and with a faux hawk.

Now, moving on to the good stuff.

Ever since I found out I was pregnant, I knew that (ideally) I wanted a few things in the birth experience:

1. A midwife

2. Natural delivery {no drugs}
3. and the baby. of course. regardless.

The midwife: no problem.
The no drugs thing...I think I can. I think I can.
I read "Spiritual Midwifery" and "Hypnobirthing" cover to cover.
We practiced breathing/massage/relaxation techniques.
I made Daniel uncover his eyes and watch a birth video.
Above all, we prayed and prayed and prayed.
Especially after that birth video.

Fast forward to Monday, November 28th.
I woke up around 6AM, made Daniel his lunch, kissed him goodbye and went back to sleep.
About an hour later, real authentic-none-of-this-Braxton-Hicks-nonsense-contractions kicked in.
They were coming consistently about 7-8 minutes apart.
Nothing too painful, just apparent.
I kept Daniel updated all day long, as I ate my Thanksgiving leftovers and checked my iPhone contraction timer app.

Finally, they were about 4-5 minutes apart around 4PM.
Daniel decided to head home.
And then we waited for a few hours more as I paced around, wondering if this was real life and worth calling my midwife about.

{Note: I have a high tolerance for pain. Case in point. Broke my pinkie finger in the 3rd grade while playing leap frog. Didn't complain at all, until I went home and my Dad noticed my crooked purple appendage}

More out of curiosity, we decided to go for it.
Grabbed our stuff and headed to the birthing center around 10PM.
Upon arrival, I was about 2cm and 70% effaced.
Steady contractions, but nothing progressing.
We decided to go back home and wait it out.
For the next hours? Days? Weeks? You never know.

It was midnight, we were tired. Daniel fell asleep.
I was so sleepy. heartburn. the works.
And then...

Really really real contractions started.
Like, the ones that take your breath away and leave you wishing you were a boy.
For the next 6 hours, I stumbled around. laid down. soaked in the bathtub. bounced on the birthing ball. glared at Daniel as he peacefully slumbered.

7AM rolled around.
As I'm panting through a big contraction,
I realize this can't be what 2cm feels like.
God isn't that big of a meanie pants.

So, I attack Daniel.
Fling myself on top of him.
Grab his nose.
I grabbed onto that nose and held on for those darn 60 seconds.

He calls my midwife this time.
I don't think moaning and groaning translates too well over the phone.
10AM, and we're back in the car. Back to the birthing center.

And I find out that all those contractions were worth it.
8cm. 100% effaced.

The next four hours are a blur.
Phone calls to family and friends.
The arrivals of my mom, mother-in-law, and my aunt into the room.
Moving around to different positions, trying to get comfortable.
And the pushing.
oh the glorious pushing.
Seriously, pushing is the best feeling in the world.
Like the greatest poop you've ever had.

I basically closed my eyes, didn't talk, zoned out, and focused for the last 2 hours.
No "ring of fire."
No tearing.
No real pooping. {not that I would've cared at that point in time}

Just dreaming of my baby boy and cheeseburgers.

Dare I say it,
I enjoyed giving birth.

2:05 PM. November 29th.
We became a little family.
and life will never be the same again.


{Bon Bon}

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Life as of Late

Obviously, we have been doing a lot of this the past 5 days.
Amidst all of the visitors, pediatrician appointments, Target/Starbucks runs...
you know you're jealous.

{#1 lesson I've learned from motherhood so far}

Never underestimate the power of the miniature male anatomy during a diaper change.
You will get sprayed.
In the face.


{Bon Bon}

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Meet Baby Bean! Swooooon!

Josiah James
Born 11/29/11
2:05 PM
7 lbs 9 oz.
19.5 in.
100% adorable.

Spicy chicken curry may or may not have been a key component in his birth story.
{Thanks Uncle David}

P.S. To everyone asking about a certain picture on facebook...why yes, that is a cheeseburger on my lap 20 minutes after he was born.


{Bon Bon}

Monday, November 28, 2011

Whim Wham Weekend #20

{best friends since 1994}


*Convincing the stud hubs to start his Thanksgiving vacation early, on Wednesday.
(it was either 8 hrs. of civil engineering or 8 more hrs. with this smokin' hot bod right here. tough choice)

*Long life conversations/shopping with my best (and bumptastic) friend, Em.

*Giving thanks* all day long with family! Brunch at 10AM, Feast at 3PM, Dessert at 5PM, 2nd Feast at 9PM + leftovers. *thanks to Baby Bean for staying put. I feel adequately prepared for some labor and delivery now.

*Days filled with mulled cider and peppermint mochas.

*Trader Joe's Gingerbread Men cookies and pumpkin spice cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.

*{Hotlips Pizza} their fruit soda is amazeballs.

*College football, good friends, homemade spicy curry, and Christmas movies.

*Rainy afternoon drinking coffee and playing cribbage with Daniel.

Hope your weekend was full of warmth and bubbly love moments!

Did anyone happen to invent time travel, per chance?
I would greatly appreciate a ride back through the past 5 days, if at all possible.

it was that good.


{Bon Bon}

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Gobble Gobble

No words.
Just take it all in.

Happy Thanksgiving!


{Bon Bon}

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Giveaway: Shabby Apple


See that feisty striped number up there?
Could totally be hanging in your closet and ready to wear for the holiday season.
Free of charge.
No strings attached.
Out of the kindness of my heart*

*bonbon-ese translation: the kindness of the hearts over at Shabby Apple,
with their gorgeous online boutique of women's dresses and so much more.

You know 'em.
You love 'em.
Let's do this thing!

How to Enter

*Must be a follower of The Whim Wham Life
*Must "like" Shabby Apple's facebook page {here}
*Must enjoy winning things and twirling in front of the Colosseum

{Winner will be contacted Friday November, 25th}


{Bon Bon}

Monday, November 21, 2011

Whim Wham Weekend #19

{just me. saying hello}

Really though.
I'm saying hi. and that's that.
This post is written out of guilty feelings with a side of blog abandonment issues.

And to confirm that I am still uberrrrr-pregnant.
I've spent the past three days relishing,
utterly relishing
in all things lazy. gluttonous. slothful.

You know the futuristic space world in Wall-E?
Everyone's hovering around, drinking slurpees, losing all their muscles...

{treats and snoozin. snoozin and treats}

ding ding ding.
that was my weekend.

it was perfection.

Come back tomorrow for a giveaway!

a.k.a I solemnly vow my return to being productive/contributing to society


{Bon Bon}

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dancing Barefoot in a Barn...checkmark


I love 'em.
From the processional to the send-off, and everything in between.
I'm just a true romantic at heart.
{The potential free buffet doesn't hurt either}

Of couse, a certain Summer day in Oregon full of love and bbq chicken always pops into my head.

Oh. What's that?
You don't know what happened on August 21st?
It was kind of a big deal.
The stuff of legends, really.

Check it out {here}

Thanks to the sweet Joelle for letting me reminisce on her blog today!
And entrusting me to give some advice.
That's always a dangerous thing.


{Bon Bon}

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Snuggle Bug


honestly though...

the whole "new life entering into this world" thing would be ideal after Thanksgiving.
Maybe even after day 2 or 3 of re-heating turkey leftovers.
I ask you, what good is a year without the traditional gravy-induced food coma?

{those would be my true priorities speaking. yikes}

Then I flip through {this} magazine,
and all thoughts of green bean casserole and pumpkin pie fly right out the door.

I just typed that sentence with my own two hands.


{Bon Bon}

Monday, November 14, 2011

Operation Surprise Party

I'm exhausted.
Exhausted from planning a surprise 25th birthday party for Daniel.
Exhausted from making cupcakes, ice cream cake, pulled pork, sweet potato fries, macaroni/cheese, baked beans, etc. etc.

{Mainly} exhausted from keeping it all a secret for over a month.
And lying up a storm the past seven days.

"What'd you guys do today?" ..."uhhh, baking day...all day with Rachael."
"Did you bring any of it home?" ..."ummm, it's all for Thanksgiving. and Christmas."
"What's all that meat for?"... "uhhh, it was on sale, and I'm gonna cook it and freeze it and...and then we'll eat it. All 12 lbs. of it. Yeah."
"What movie do you want to watch?" ..."what is this, 20 questions?!" Leave me be man!"

Edginess and paranoia were beginning to set in.

I feel so free now, (I've heard the truth will do that for you and whatnot).

Thankfully, NFL Red Zone and a pizza kept the stud hubs busy for most of Sunday, as everything was being set up over at my parents' house.

He had no clue.

And he was so spoiled and loved on.

Nothing else makes my heart happier.


{Bon Bon}

Friday, November 11, 2011

Hooray for the USA

I love America. Even with all of her quirks and faults. We are blessed.
Special thanks today to everyone who has served this country and sacrificed to preserve our freedom here on earth.

Especially my sweet southern Grandpa.
A former fighter pilot in the Navy.
He was pretty hot stuff.
And he still enjoys a good roller coaster at age 75.
{the g-forces reminds him of his days flying high in the big clear sky}

Lots of Red, White, and Blue love to you!


{Bon Bon}

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Rock On


We're slowly beginning to get things ready for Baby Bean's arrival.
Things like, packing the hospital bag, washing and folding a thousand teeny tiny socks... and practicing our hypnobirthing techniques.

I've been all natural-crunchy-granola-Ina Gaskin-rainbows-and unicorns-minded this entire pregnancy.
But I can't wrap my mind around some of the recommended birth music.
Meaning, we just end up laughing. Real mature.

Anything with 80s synth, a sitar, wind flute, and humpback whale noises though...

reminds me of the good ol' college days, in {
Mr. Looking Wolf's} class,
{Obviously, I was a student who formulated an intense credit course, to push myself. heh}

I just can't.even.go.there.

So, we've introduced, The Album Leaf, Damien Rice, Travis, Jamie Cullum, Amos Lee, Kye Kye, etc. into the music mix.

Maybe a little Explosions in the Sky too?

Except the word "explosion" doesn't really mesh well with the whole peaceful, relaxing vibe we're aiming for.



{Bon Bon}

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Shake Your Bon Bon

{this post is rated PG. I think}

While I was at Walmart, picking up some photos, I had an epiphany.
It was twofold.

1). Walmart in the Pacific Northwest is deeeeepressing. Whenever my southern belle cousin Sara visits (from Arkansas), she can't believe how sad they are.

2). I normally would order my prints from Walgreens.

But. I had "THE" pictures developed there.

"THE" pictures were part of a wedding gift to Daniel, from me.
Me ala boudoir photo shoot. ooo-la-la.
And in a time crunch, I sent them to Walgreens. 1-hour pick-up. good idea.
About 2 minutes after I clicked "order," I bad idea.
Cute, little, ol' twinkly-eyed grandpas work at Walgreens.
As do pimply-faced hormone filled teenage boys.
Neither of which I would want to face after being "hot off the presses."

Basically. I wimped out.
I sent a friend inside to pick them up.
And I have yet to brave the use of their print services since then.

Thanks for that life reminder, Walmart.
I am forever enslaved to your dreary photo processing center.


{Bon Bon}

Monday, November 7, 2011


{big bun in the oven}

I've hit that magical number in pregnancy world. 37. weeks.

deep breath in. deep breath out.

That's me envisioning my happy place.
I'm hoping a mixture of my happy place, high pain tolerance, humor, and stubbornness will ease me through labor.

And of course, having the stud hubs right by my side.
With promises of bacon cheeseburgers, fries, milkshakes, and {Local Boys} as my push present.

Instead of shouting, "You're doing great!" Daniel has been instructed to say things such as, "Do it for the shoyu chicken with an extra side of macaroni!" or "5 more pushes, and then you can order your #5!"

We're gonna make an awesome team.


{Bon Bon}

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

It's a Hoppipolla Day

How do I begin my version of a perfect November morning?
With leg warmers, messy hair, journaling, a spiced cider candle, and making up my own words while humming along with Sigur Rós, of course.

Sigur Rós= a dreamy musical version of an Ikea catalogue. pretty much.

Also, a vanilla latte and some hardcore button-sewing shall soon commence.

Makes me feel all Project Runway-ish.

le sigh.


{Bon Bon}

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

36 Weeks: Let's Hear it for the Bean

{80s bebes}

Dear Baby Bean,
You tiny Ukrainian/Korean/German bundle of joy you.
Perhaps not so tiny anymore, (thanks to the European parts of you), but a bundle of joy nonetheless.
We are getting excited to meet you face to face. A nervous excited. Heavy on the excited part, don't worry.

Even with all of the unknowns...

{What will your name be?}

{Will you have your Daddy's ears? totally fine if you do.}
{Are you going to be grumpy after a nap, just like your Mama?}

...we do know one thing for sure.

Baby, we are in love with you.


{Bon Bon}

Monday, October 31, 2011

I'm a Scaredy Cat

{our nest}

I spent the majority of the weekend alternating between nesting and eating fun size candy bars. Not a bad life, I tell ya.

Something that is bad?
Getting sucked into watching "Orphan" on the Lifetime Channel.
In a moment of weakness, I will fall prey to a false sense of courage when it comes to scary stuff.
It's happened a handful of times.

Talking my parents into taking a 3 year old me on the Snow White ride at Disney World.
Talking my babysitter into letting me watch "Batman Returns" at age 4.
Talking my brother into letting me play the Windows '95 computer game "Are You Afraid of the Dark."

And of course,
"Friday Night Fright Night"
in college.
When I was trying to think of any excuse to spend time with Daniel, (pre-DTR*), cuddled under a blanket of course.

{*DTR=Define The Relationship talk}

Everything was going well, until the night we watched "The Grudge."
Over a holiday weekend.
Thus, a huge empty dark house (usually filled with bright lights and 55 girls) awaited me.
The hallway felt so long. Even though I ran down it.
And the bathroom? Yeah right. They always get you in the bathroom.
Didn't help that we had just watched "The Exorcism of Emily Rose" too.
Or that the only other girl in the sleeping porch with me had a tendency to sleep talk.

As I squeezed my eyes closed at 3AM,
I hear sleep-talk- girl start moaning.
and groaning.
and thrashing around in her bunk bed.
yelling "no no no!"
Then she screamed, sat straight up in her bed, turned to look at me, and slooooooowly laid back down.

I may or may not have yelled "Emily Rose" and thrown a Bible at her.
It's all a blur.

And that, my friends, was the end of "Friday Night Fright Night."

Happy Halloween!


{Bon Bon}

Friday, October 28, 2011

Yes. I Can.


Only a few weeks left to go until Baby Bean makes his grand debut.
I'm hoping weeks. I need to relish in a few more nights of uninterrupted happy-go-lucky slumber.

I also need a couple more motivational pep talks between me and the ol' cervix.

She got a little nervous again today...
{I'm assuming a cervix is a "she"}

after my midwife spoke these reassuring words:
"Oh wow. That's his head all the way down there. BIG! And what's this? Oh, that's his bottom. BIG!"

key word: BIG
from head to toe

Miss Cervix was like, "Ahhhh, hellz no!"


{Bon Bon}

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bikinis. October. Hormones. Oh my.

Note to Self

While organizing iPhoto, (and uber-prego), there will be a certain category of photographic proportions that should be avoided.
A time in life, not so long ago, when you spent hours. perhaps days. galavanting. frolicking.

in a bikini.
8% strips of spandex. 92% skin.

You might even be tempted to try on mr. summer of 2010 bikini.
Do a few crunches. ha.
Eat a carrot.
Twirl around the living room, all Sound of Music like, singing "I Have Confidence."

Then your husband will tell you how beautiful you
The most beautiful you ever have.
Baby Bean will give a fist pump in agreement.
And you'll believe it.

Life is good.
Just a reminder.

The only reason you had abs in the first place, was because at the end of each workout...
Peanut Butter/Banana Eggos and Chocolate Milk reward.

That's really what this is all about.


{Bon Bon}

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

To Do or Not To Do


I'm 23 and about to become a mom.
Because of that...
A million thoughts bombard me morning, noon, and night.
Breastfeeding? Cloth diapers? Can I sneak a Starbucks gift card onto the baby registry?

And, whether or not I should put my nose ring back in.
Otherwise known as a Quarter.Life.Crisis.

I've had it off and on for the past 5 years.
Or I guess, "in and out."

In when I lived in Hawaii.
Out when I lived in Africa.
In when I was a barista.
Out when I was a nanny.
In during the normal everyday.
Out during my wedding day.

In/Out? as a stay at home mama in Oregon?

I'm still cool enough to pull it off, right?

It'll pair nicely with the mom jeans.


{Bon Bon}

Monday, October 24, 2011

Whim Wham Weekend #18

White Mocha/Caramel Frappuccino
Food dates {here} {here} and {here}
Community group.
Early airport drop-off/donut pick-up
NFL Red Zone/catching up on {this} show.

All in all. A fantastic weekend, minus the heartburn. Sure, I ate pretty much everything you aren't supposed to eat if you have heartburn. Coffee. Chocolate. Creole seasoning.

At 35 weeks pregnant though, Baby Bean is making me sweat regardless of what/when I eat.
He turns water into lava. A modern day little miracle maker that Bean is.
Until now, I was busting out the TUMS every night.
Then it was every few hours.
Every two hours.
It's all a blur.
Daniel was googling TUMS Rehab groups.

I'm happy to say, I have found my cure at Walgreens.
And with 4-ish weeks left, I say, "Bring on the fried everything!"


{Bon Bon}

Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Picture...1000 words.

{obviously, I was a bit enthusiastic for Fall...mainly Thanksgiving}

This is either the most amazing thing I've ever done. Or the most awkward.

It had to be done {Michaela}

Not only does it show off my incredible photoshop skills,
it symbolizes much much more.

Guest Post.


I'm over {here} today on the dear M's blog.
Sharing some She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not goodness.
Check it out.
I was on my best behavior and kept the awkward to a minimum.

I know, I know.
Now you all want me to guest post.


{Bon Bon}

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hello 1988. Hello Giveaway Winner.

{Urban Decay Lip Color: Punch Drunk}

I was feeling a rocker-ish vibe today while getting ready.
Probably due to the major bedhead going on.
There was no escaping it.
Like REO Speedwagon said, "Can't fight this feeling."
Totally true.
Except I'm pretty sure he was singing about love.
And the fact that I even know that song makes me feel old.
Like I'm turning into my parents.
Then I realize, I am going to be a parent. soon.

Rock on.

{my excited giveaway/rockstar/in labor face}

P.S. The winner of the LuLu Wrap Giveaway is...

Alyssa {little baby mama bear}

Email me your info sweet thang!


{Bon Bon}

Monday, October 17, 2011

Whim Wham Weekend #18

This weekend, my busy stud hubs brought work home with him.
He basically runs this city.

This weekend, I worked on eating 1/2 a pumpkin pie.

behind every great man is a great woman


{Bon Bon}

Friday, October 14, 2011

Ooooh-La-La Makeup

{Obviously, the "Flatten Your Belly" does not apply to me. yet}


Face: Laura Mercier Foundation Primer/Benefit Boi-ing Concealer/Stila Tinted Moisturizer in Bare/MAC Bronzer in Golden/Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil
Cheeks: NARS Blush in Orgasm/Benefit High Beam
Eyes: Urban Decay Naked Eye Palette/Stila Smudge Pot in Black/DiorShow Waterproof Mascara
Lips: MAC Lipstick in Creme d'Nude

P.S. "ORGASM" blush, "NAKED" eye palette, "Creme d'NUDE" lipstick
oh the irony.

Not that I ever read Cosmo or anything...
{Too much sex for this little innocent ol' heart to handle}

It's always like,
I'm reading on one page about how someone is racing to find the cure for cancer...
Incredibly intriguing and inspirational.
Perhaps I even wipe a tear from my eye.
and then, BAM, next page is how to pick your future husband based on his butt shape.
ok. so I move on.
I'm innocently reading about the newest moisturizing wonder lotion.
Perfect! My Grandma has been looking for something like this, I'll have to tell her about it, whatttt the...
BOOM, I've got shirtless men and cartoon depictions of the sideways samba.
arggghhhh. Grandmaaaaaa.

I'm just saying.

Marie Claire is more my style.

However, I did find my smokey eye inspiration from this Cosmo cover with Mila Kunis.
And I do enjoy getting glammed up from time to time.
Channel my past model life.
Even whilst 33 weeks pregnant.

I gotsta look sexy for my stud hubs.
who does have a great butt.

Didn't need a Cosmo article to help me out on that one.

Ok. and stopping.


{Bon Bon}
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