Thursday, May 31, 2012

If It Makes Sense


the warm winds blew in. day in. day out,
in the land of sand and stone.
a place spoken of in whispers bursting with fraught emotion.
the gifts of freedom reimbursed in concise care packaged form,
of kool-aid and unspoken words, read between the lines, heavily lingering between oceans and caverns of the soul.

reminders of homes, yet to be returned to. 
onward. forward. until the end.
always faithful, they said.

until the end. 
without knowing,

how the stars will ever shine again.
in all that cold, and all that dark.
when the hardness will melt away,
from a space inhabited with emptiness.
who will tuck these pages aside,
close the chapters of a book left unfinished.

this is what keeps you up at night.
until you see those stars once more.
with how brightly they'll glow, someday.

this is the beginning.


{continued thoughts and prayers with the coffey family in the days, weeks, months, years to come}


{Bon Bon}


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

6 Months

The Bean is 6 Months old!

{and looking 192 months old in this photo}

I could go on and on and on and on about him and write pages and books and poems and songs and ballads and sonnets and blog post after blog post. 

But, he'll be reading this someday, when he's 192 months old, so, I'll keep it simple.

I just love him. 


{Bon Bon}

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Friday, May 25, 2012


Yesterday was one of those "holy crap batman, I'm an adult" days. 
Discussing the future. Being responsible. Watering plants.
Words like "mortgage" and "401k" drifted through the air. 

I mean, "401k" might as well be a word. 
Of which, I have no clue its origin, definition, or spelling.
Probably never will.
 I'm no Mensa member, 
but I did win my 3rd grade spelling bee with the word "jalapeno."
that's gotta count for something, right? 


So, what's a young at heart girl {ahem. woman} to do? 


dream of faraway tropical islands, 
selling seashells down by the seashore-raising our merbabies-and eating lovely bunches of coconuts-with nary so much as an electric bill in sight, 

of course. 

Or a three day weekend. 
that'll do.

{Bon Bon}

Thursday, May 24, 2012


boys rule

oh these two.
totally in the "like father like son" club these days.

same ears,
same hair,
same eye color,
same eyebrow raising tricks,
same smile,
same chin dimple,
same biceps.

If you're worried that I'm feeling left out, 
worry not, my friends.
The three of us are totally in the "best friends forever" club. 
of course, I'm the President. 


{Bon Bon}


Wednesday, May 23, 2012


kiss kiss bang bang

These are my go-to-must-have-fave lippies for summer. 
Sometimes, {who am I kidding, most times, ok, let's get real, almost all the times. there we go} as I'm rushing out the door with barely enough time to rub the sleep from my eyes, let alone curl an eyelash, 
I swipe one of these on and the instantaneous glamor saves the day {face} yet again. and again. annnnnd again. 

What's that? 
I haven't taken a shower in three days, 
or used a hairbrush since last date night, 
and a "shaving of the legs" needs to be scheduled asap, 
cause I could probably use that hairbrush on them right about now

But nobody notices any of that when you're wearing a bold lip color. 

Except, I'm pretty sure the girl working the counter at Voodoo Doughnuts was definitely wearing MAC's Ruby Woo, 
and as she lifted my apple fritter to me, 
I definitely noticed that a "shaving of the armpits" was long overdue. 
However, she was quite the glamorous of hippies, I'll give her that. 
And the fritter was fantastic. 

Moral of the story: 

Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter in {Tutti Frutti}

Sephora Collection Ultra Vinyl Lip Pencil in {Strawberry Delish}

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in {Va Va Violet}


{Bon Bon}

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Out With the Old...

{spring cleaning at it's finest}

I've been sorting, organizing, and agonizing over my closet for weeks and weeks now. 

As in, 
probably since last Spring in the amount of weeks and weeks. 

Thanks in equal parts OCD tendencies, 
the ongoing journey to confirm my own personal style. 

Of course I'm using "personal" in a completely ambiguous and genericly flighty way, 
what with the influence of trends, seasons, runway, print, and celebrities. 
The trickle down theory is real. oh so real. 

If there's one thing I firmly believe in style wise though, it's this: 

when out shopping, 

Try the darn thing on. It won't kill you. Plus, no one will ever have to know. You can just hang it back on the rack if things don't work out. 

Hangers are just that. 
for holding up clothes. 

But you, 
you put life into that blouse. or skirt. 
or pair of snakeskin leggings that you don't think you could ever in a million years pull off.

glitter anything makes the world (and your closet) a better place. 


{Bon Bon}

Thursday, May 17, 2012

See the Bean

Here he is in all his {adorable} 5-Month old glory! 
In the zone. 
Laughing so hard, he cries. and probably pees a little.  
Good thing he's wearing a diaper. 

{I have to change my entire outfit when that happens to me} 

If that isn't the good life, 
then I don't know what is.


{Bon Bon} 

Monday, May 14, 2012

How Sweet it Is...

A great 1st Mothers Day was had, 
thanks in big part to my boys, 
and thanks in little parts to Eggo waffles in bed, 
and a 1 hr. massage, 
and brunch with our mamas, 
and 80 degree weather, 
and free strawberry milkshakes, 
and a good ol' fashioned kiddie pool afternoon splash session. 

And If I'm being honest, the Bean's chubby buns were the best part of it all. hands down.

{even though he said da da da da daaaaa} 

a baby's booty wins over a 1 hr. massage. 

who am I? 

oh yeah. 

a mom. 



{Bon Bon}

Saturday, May 12, 2012

He Calls me MaMaMaMa

It would only be fitting that during Mother's Day Weekend, my biggest "Mom Fail" to date would occur. 
It would. 
Of course.
Alignment of stars. 
That kind of thing. 
Thanks're the best. I'm totally gonna save your whales now. 

Long story {blog} short, 

Keys. Locked. Car. 
Baby. Locked. House. 

Took me 8 minutes to get back inside, {after locating the spare key} 
which was after a pathetically feeble attempt to break down the door with my body, 
Thanks Hollywood... for making that look a lot easier than it is. 

It was 8 minutes too long, 
for my heart. 

Although, not for the Bean, 
who was happily nestled in his car seat, blissfully gazing at the ceiling fan while chomping on Sophie the Giraffe. 

oh my heart. 

Thanks Baby Bean...
you made me a Mama, 
with all the {perfectly imperfect} things that come in this new role. 

Let's keep having adventures together, ok? 


{Bon Bon}

Wednesday, May 9, 2012



By golly and the beard of Zeus,
I think I've done it.

The stuff of legends.
They said it couldn't be found.
Doesn't exist.
An old wives tail {concocted by a bunch of men in business suits running marketing campaigns}

My "holy grail" mascara.

Cue clouds parting, 
sunlight streaming through, 
angels playing golden harps...

all for this golden tube. 
of liquid

{If you're a female with eyes and eyelashes, then you know how big of a deal this is}

Most of the reviews for this formula aren't too glowing,  
Which makes me think my lashes must be the only ones singing Loreal praises. 

Fine by me, 
 that means more for me, myself, and I. 

Until those businessmen realize that a Bonnie from Oregon buying 4 tubes of mascara per year just isn't gonna pay the bills, 

and they discontinue it. 



{Bon Bon}

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


What is this all about? 

Pure shenanigans of the musical sort, I tell ya. 
And pretty much, my friends are awesome. 
Which makes me awesome. 

That's how it works, right? 


{Bon Bon}

Thursday, May 3, 2012


{my "oops" or "dad just made an innuendo in his speech" face. completely unrelated to this post, albeit fitting somehow. read on.}

Grand blogging plans were on the agenda tonight.
"were" being the operative word. 

But after a rousing evening of "It's 8PM and I've eaten seven handfuls of peanut M&Ms for meals today so dinner sounds pretty darn fantastic right about now but I failed to plan prep or do anything productive in the past 12 hours besides playing peekaboo with a 5 month old and catching up on Bethenny Ever After. while eating my weight in chocolate covered peanuts..."

Grand quickly has turned into Bluuuuurg. 

{"Bluuuuurg:" a blog with completely and absolutely no real purpose, agenda, or worth. a smattering of words and incoherency, preferably typed willy-nilly at 11:52 PM}

The night was redeemed with spicy shrimp tacos, a sweaty Insanity workout, 
and even more M&Ms. 

like I said...



{Bon Bon}

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


{thanks iPhone. my realtor thinks I'm 8 years old now}

Here we go.
It's May. 2012 
then it's going to be June. 2012
"a three ring circus"

Ten weddings. 
Planes to catch. Bags to pack. 
Bridesmaid girly stuff for me. Groomsman guy shenanigans for him. Ring-bearer boot camp for the Bean.
Arkansas. California. Canada. Mexico.
Road trips. with an infant. Jesus take the wheel. 
House hunting. and finding. and buying. and packing. and unpacking. and decorating. 

I've got about 316 things on my to-do list. 
and as of right now, about 316 pieces of laundry on the living room floor waiting to be folded. 

All signs of a full life. 
A life of community, relationships, and searching for the missing sock partner for three different pairs of feet. 

This summer, 
we're definitely making memories. 
and going barefoot as much as possible. 


{Bon Bon}

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