Tuesday, May 1, 2012


{thanks iPhone. my realtor thinks I'm 8 years old now}

Here we go.
It's May. 2012 
then it's going to be June. 2012
"a three ring circus"

Ten weddings. 
Planes to catch. Bags to pack. 
Bridesmaid girly stuff for me. Groomsman guy shenanigans for him. Ring-bearer boot camp for the Bean.
Arkansas. California. Canada. Mexico.
Road trips. with an infant. Jesus take the wheel. 
House hunting. and finding. and buying. and packing. and unpacking. and decorating. 

I've got about 316 things on my to-do list. 
and as of right now, about 316 pieces of laundry on the living room floor waiting to be folded. 

All signs of a full life. 
A life of community, relationships, and searching for the missing sock partner for three different pairs of feet. 

This summer, 
we're definitely making memories. 
and going barefoot as much as possible. 


{Bon Bon}


Samantha King said...

Cute! I know the too much laundry feeling all too well... especially when it coincides with the too much everything else feeling!!

Samantha King said...

Cute! I know the too much laundry feeling all too well... especially when it coincides with the too much everything else feeling!!

Norah said...

Wow you're going to be a busy lady (+fam) this summer! Enjoy the calm of May while you can. The laundry can always wait :)

Nessa @{Casa Braaflat} said...

sounds like fun to me!

also why did your iphone do that?

Allie Todd said...

Yessss to being barefoot as much as possible this summer! I. Can't. Wait!

Shelby said...

I love the iPhone conversation haha! I also love the post- sounds like a busy but fun summer!

Ashley said...

OOhh...good luck with the road trips!!

Lindsay said...

Wow! 10 weddings?! annnd moving?! Sounds like an exciting, crazy, busy summer ahead! Good luck with everything!

wildchild said...

jesus take the wheeeeel! you totally got this. don't even worry about it. being barefoot makes things easier too, i've heard. so we're all in your corner :)

Kristen said...

Crazy but exciting summer ahead it sounds like :) can't wait to read all about it!!


Mo (New on U) said...

Sounds like a wonderful, crazy, hectic, summer.

Enjoy it!

Alex said...

I can't wait to hear all about your fabulous summer girl :)

Melissa said...

Where are you visiting in Canada? I ask because I'm up here!

Kira said...

Sounds pretty similar to our summer! We are taking Pearl on her first flight to NYC and we are going to Vancouver BC as well. So much going on! Lots of fun things though :)

Also, did your realtor comment on your little icon? Is it a ghost with his tongue sticking out?

Stephanie said...

Ten weddings?! Oh my. I'm sure it'll be a blast though!

Dani said...

hahaha love that picture! the little pics on iPhones are so many, I mean, when will I ever need to send someone a picture of a hospital? If I'm in the hospital, I'm going to send a much more important text than a little picture. :)

love the post!


Liesl said...

WOW! You are going to be a busy, busy girl! Here's to making memories! :)

Holly said...

Heheheh I have to ask, id the realtor say anything to you about the random ghost?

Anonymous said...

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