Wednesday, May 9, 2012



By golly and the beard of Zeus,
I think I've done it.

The stuff of legends.
They said it couldn't be found.
Doesn't exist.
An old wives tail {concocted by a bunch of men in business suits running marketing campaigns}

My "holy grail" mascara.

Cue clouds parting, 
sunlight streaming through, 
angels playing golden harps...

all for this golden tube. 
of liquid

{If you're a female with eyes and eyelashes, then you know how big of a deal this is}

Most of the reviews for this formula aren't too glowing,  
Which makes me think my lashes must be the only ones singing Loreal praises. 

Fine by me, 
 that means more for me, myself, and I. 

Until those businessmen realize that a Bonnie from Oregon buying 4 tubes of mascara per year just isn't gonna pay the bills, 

and they discontinue it. 



{Bon Bon}


April Rowell said...

I just might have to check this out. I'm always so afraid to stray from the one I use now because so far it's been my favorite. I hope my clouds part like yours did :)

thecoffeehouse said...

must. try. now.
you should be in sales. or are you? :)

Grace said...

Perfect timing. Because I need new mascara! Definitely trying this out!

A Southern Drawl

kelly summers said...

I really like this mascara, too! It's my go-to "big deal" mascara. For daily use, it's a little dramatic, so I really like to use it on weekend or when I'm on stage or something like that.
For day-to-day I really like their Voluminous Carbon Black in the black tube with a gold top. Nice and volumizing but not too crazy.

Ashley said...

Need to try this!!! And love the Anchorman reference!!

Alex said...

Welp guess I need to try this one out sold me.

tara polly said...

i'm laughing. i'm usually a big mascara switcher but maybelline's 'the falsies' has had me hook line and sinker for over a year, now. more l'oreal for you! :)

Nessa @{Casa Braaflat} said...

start a movement!

little said...

hmmm definitely gonna have to try this!


wildchild said...

i love this stuff too! i was head over heels for a while and then my eyelashes started like adapting to it or something and it didn't work so well, but after a tube of some other junk, i'm back to this gold. glad someone else agrees.

Becca said...

Totally went and bought this and my patheticly straight eyelashes are thanking me! It's amazing and I hope they never take it away from us! Thanks for the rec lady!

Lance Ellery said...

Haha! Well, congratulations. You have finally found what you’ve been looking for. You've managed to write a creative spiel there huh. I’m happy for you my friend. You’ll definitely stand out with your glowing new look and mascara.

Lance Ellery

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