Friday, June 29, 2012

Generation Apple

When I first moved out of my parents' house after high school, on any given night I'd receive a phone call from them. 
You'd think it would be them asking me how I was doing. 
Telling me of how a single tear rolls down their face every time a glance into my bedroom was met with chilled emptiness.
That life was not the same without my constant wit, beauty, and charm in their day to day. 
You'd think.

Then the reality of life in the form of my Dad's voice would come through the speaker, 
"Hi Bonnie, we are trying to watch a movie, but now the sound isn't working on the tv."

Throw the addition of wi-fi, laptops, smart phones and iPods into the mix and I'd almost become an episode of "Outsourced." Only, funnier.  

Little did I know, that my generation had been groomed for this. All those years of Super Mario, Windows 95, and blasting Celine Dion's "Let's Talk About Love" on my Discman had prepared me for these phone calls. 


So, what is Baby Bean being prepared for? 
Rocket scientist. Presidential candidate. Ikea "Blirgenblag" creator. 
The sky is the limit.
I mean, he promptly opened Photo Booth and pressed "enter" to take those photos. All by his 7 month self.

And then he broke my left arrow key off and attempted to eat it. 


{Bon Bon}

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Amazing $4 Summer Skin


"The Nubian Heritage African Black Soap line combines the ancient medicinal properties of black soap with the hydrating properties of Shea Butter to balance skin. Our traditional African Black Soap recipe contains palm ash, plantain peel extract, tamarind extract and papaya enzymes. This powerful combination has traditionally been used to treat eczema, acne, oily skin, psoriasis, and other skin ailments. In the apothecary tradition, Nubian Heritage updates African Black Soap with active botanical extracts and salicylic acid to more effectively treat acne, balance skin tone and improve skin texture. Daily use of the line will result in cleaner, clearer, healthier skin."

This stuff is incredible. 
I had to share.
Preach it. 
The Holy Grail of Soap.

Prepare to be converted if you believe in soft, glow-y, and clear skin.

{I have combination-sensitive skin, that usually has to be balanced with an apple cider vinegar toner to get my PH levels ship-shape}


It wipes away any and all traces of the day: oil, dirt, makeup, and baby drool: Check
Leaves your face squeaky clean, (but not drying): Check
Balances skin tone: Check
Improves skin texture: Check
Haven't even had a hint of a smidgen of a pimple in ages: chhhhhhheckmate to you, Hormones.


It literally is black soap. like, the color of ash. Which is a little funny to see on your washcloth after you're all clean, annnnd the cloth has dark grey marks all over it like you just came home from the coal mines (doesn't stain). 

That's the only con. and it's more like a fraction of a con. 1/4 of a con. Forget I even mentioned it!


I'm scrubbing through my second bar now and never looking back.

Also, this soap is my daily reminder of the time I spent in Rwanda. 
That I still have yet to see the movie I "starred" in, {long story}
which I'm sure, by now, has won me an Academy Award. 

At least my skin will be red-carpet ready. 


{Bon Bon}


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Current Favorites {A Giveaway}

 This is my teeny tiny drop in the blog bucket way of saying "thank you." 
Thank you for being here.  and for letting me share the little, medium, and big things of my silly billy goat life.
Especially, thank you for putting up with a ridiculous amount of baby bean photos these past seven months. 
And for putting up with the things I write, like "silly billy goat."

That would be the "I just spent the past 8 hours with a seven month old" talking. 
Want to see a picture? 


again, thank you and you and you! 

Words can't express enough, so maybe a few goodies will do the trick!

{Shabby Apple sponsored the gift card portion of this giveaway. Major props to them. I added my other favorites to sweeten the thank-you-guys dealio}


{Shabby Apple} $50 Gift Card

{BaubleBar} Wishbone Pendant

{Urban Decay} Naked Palette

{moment of silence}

I know. right?!


How To Enter

*Must be a follower of The Whim Wham Life
*Show Shabby Apple some love. Comment below with what you'd use fifty apple buckaroos on. 
*Show me some love. Comment below with what Shabby Apple item you'd buy me. {just kidding}

Really Realllllly Want to Win
{keep comments separate to count as additional entries}

*Follow @shabbyapple and @whimwhamlife on Twitter {+1 entry}
*tweet, blog, or facebook about this giveaway {+1 entry}

Giveaway is open to U.S. Whim Wham Life readers, thru Sunday, July 8th. Winner will be contacted Monday, July 9th.


Can't wait to see who wins! 
I'm positively giddy. 
This must be what Santa feels like. 
or Oprah. 

{Bon Bon}

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Completely Unrelated

 You know things in life have been busy when you can take the unpacked suitcase that laid around for five days after a trip, and it gets you through another trip. 

And with yet another trip around the corner, I'm tempted to do that magic trick again. 

Don't judge, you know deep down that this is a genius idea. 

How's this for another idea:

A Giveaway. 


be there or be square. 

and when I say there, I mean here.


{Bon Bon}

Thursday, June 21, 2012

June Bug

This time last year, we would hurriedly toss our picnic basket and quilt in the car as the welcome warmth streamed hot and heavy through cloudy cotton wisps. 

Our lazy afternoons spent in a rhythmic dance alternating between sun and shade.

This time last year, we were also anxiously wondering what life would look like as the Fall arrival inched nearer and my stomach grew larger. 

While we filled ourselves with chunks of sweet watermelon, the undeniably bitter taste of imminent change wouldn't wash away. 

one. two. three. 

How can you be ready for three, when you're still figuring out two. heck. you're still figuring out one. number one. yourself. 'cause let's be honest, the world revolving around you, that still exists. darn. 

Somehow, we did it. 

We're here. together. 

And the world is different because of it. 

Picnics... those are different too. 

They're better. 


{Bon Bon}

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Drink Up: A Recipe

This is one of our favorite thirst-quenching drinks in life, especially during the months of june, july and august. 
A big batch of this and a porch swing. 
Life is complete. 
Jesus himself could return, and you'd be like, "holy inconvenience. I better be able to take this with me, mister." 

{a sacrilegious recipe post. 
only you, Bon Bon, only you}


Almost Sonic Cherry Limeade

Maraschino Cherries

Mix your Sprite, fresh squeezed lime juice, cherry juice and a splash or two (or seven) of grenadine in a pitcher. 
Add lime wedges and cherries. 
Pour into cups filled with crushed ice. 


Summer in a glass. 

a 44 oz. glass if you want to be Sonic copycat official.


{Bon Bon}

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Lessons in Arkansas

Why Southern Weddings are the Best, Y'all

1). The wedding begins at 6pm, and you still get a tan during the half hour ceremony.
2). Sweet tea is the main beverage during the reception.
3). Lightning bugs flicker on and off as the new Mr. and Mrs. dance the night away.
4). Baby Bean poops on your bridesmaid dress. 

 A night to remember, indeed.

more photos to come, 
once I recoup from the weekend. 
and dry clean my dress. 


{Bon Bon}

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


{at my wedding}

 Everything they say about Southern belles is true.
Everything sweet, that is.
Case in point: My cousin Sara.
She's sweet. sweet tea sweet.
And teeny tiny petite; and those big luminous green eyes...
Give her an over-sized pair of sunglasses, an over-sized venti starbucks cup, and then
you might recognize her as the Olsen's long lost triplet sister.

Sara Olsen, kinda has a ring to it. 
But, another last name, (who gave her a sparkly finger ring) is totally taking the cake this weekend, 
in Arkansas! 

It's going to be a wedding weekend filled to the brim. 
bachelorette party. bridesmaid luncheon. rehearsal. big day.
 and packing one under 50 lb. bag for the Bean and I.
{give me that venti coffee}

Sunshine, matrimony, and chick-fil-A, here we come y'all!


{Bon Bon}


Monday, June 11, 2012

Baby Banner


5:32 AM
5:58 AM

 5:59 AM
6:10 AM
6:15 AM
6:26 AM

and to think, I used to complain when the sweet and gentle birds chirping outside my window woke me up.


{Bon Bon}

Friday, June 8, 2012

Playing Hooky

Today will be spent with these silly gooses. geese. goosen. 

There's waffles to be eaten. Iced coffee to be drinken. Houses to be hunted. and husbands to be dated. 

A date with a husband. Only one. Mine. Just to clarify. 

Honestly though, who has time for language rules-schmules when a Friday full of possibilities is waiting to be possibled? 

{Unless you're day is full of school possibilities. Then you should definitely make time for it, 
says the mom-jeans wearing side of me} 

Hope you all have a perfect weekend full of "possible."  

Even you grammar police out there. 


{Bon Bon}

Thursday, June 7, 2012

My Baby Shower Gift to You

{we did it!}

Either something's in the water or it's just the stage of life that we're in, but I know so many pregnant ladies right now. 
This letter is for them. 
{and the future moms-to-be as well, cause you're time will come...amanda. and amy. hehe}

Dear {insert name},

Yes. I'm talking to you.
You beautifully glowing mama in the making, you.
Look at that, growing a human being and all.
Girl. That's pretty amazing. pretttttty darn amazing.
I'm betting nine months seems like an eternity chock full of pretty darn amazing and potentially less than amazing moments now, doesn't it?
Sure, it's all rainbows and glitter and gender revealing cupcake parties,
until you're reminded {approx. 793 times. 812 if you include complete strangers at the grocery store} of the whole "THAT has to squeeze out of THAT!?"

Plus the heartburn, and the sleepless nights, and the awkward summer months squeezed into a bikini while the bump hasn't completely -umped yet, more like, {too many} -cheeseburgered.  

No wonder some women drink red wine during their pregnancy. 

I almost poured myself a glass as well. 
Especially after several particularly uncomfortable TUMS induced constipation labors, that sent my hypnobirthing confident-self into a downward spiral. 

Cause if I can't even do THAT, how am I gonna do THAT!? 

{I'm assuming by now, you know what the "that's" are referring to}

And so began many a tossed and turned night, praying for a miraculous cure to any and all birthing discomfort. This is 2012 people! We have Siri and Tupac holograms for goodness sake.

But like most of life does, nine months goes by fast.
One minute you're trying to solve the 1+1 pink line mystery equation while your husband's gone camping for the weekend,
and the next you're huffing and puffing your way through the hospital entrance at 11 PM, {hopefully not while your husband's gone camping for the weekend}

us girls are pretty strong. prettttttty darn strong.

Like, I am woman hear me roar strong.

Which you might do. 
You might roar during labor. 
Who cares though.

"We've heard and seen it all," said my nurse friend who had a lady accidentally poop on her shoe during labor. 
Which, somehow made me feel better, because, really, what are the odds that'll happen to you too?

I did a lot of moaning and combing my fingers through my hair. 
Plus, a lot of slurping down those cranberry-sprite spritzer mocktails my bartender moonlighting as a nurse kept making me. 

In the end, all that matters is your baby. 
and hospital ice. 
Both are quite fabulous.


{Bon Bon}

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Je Ne Sais Quoi

{our matching noggins}

Baby Bean was born with a head full of thick dark hair. 
My nurse, midwife, and family can all testify that he came out squawking and with a hairstyle. 
The squawking is still just as loud as ever, but the hair is no longer the same. 

All of those baby hairs fell out. every.single.strand. 
Over a matter of weeks, he went from a faux hawk-to a combover- to a very unfortunate two-day episode of looking like a mini Kim Jong Il with a bout of baby acne-to a mullet-to three stubborn strands firmly rooted on the top of his head. then those fell out as well. 

oh how we laughed. and laughed. and laughedandlaughedandlaughed. 

Until, my hair...
my head full of thick dark hair, 
began falling out. 

things got serious.

Fortunately, I had a lot of hair to begin with. 
Unfortunately, I had a lot of hair to lose. 

Pretty much, I get a haircut in the shower with every shampoo and condition session, 
and the amount of sweeping and vacuuming going on would make you think that we own a dog. or a shetland pony. or a dog riding on a shetland pony, all over the house. 

 I think things are gonna be ok though.  
As I was picking out my breakfast at {Nuvrei} the other day, the girl taking my order looked at me, at me! and said, "I love your hair! It looks, I don't know, so healthy!" 

Your. Hair. Healthy. Love. 

Those words, spoken so nonchalantly, yet so timely in the middle of a picturesque p√Ętisserie downtown, and what I thought was the beginning of a bad hair day. 

Inwardly, I wanted to shout, "oubliez le croissant jambon et fromage. donner à cette fille une augmentation! Which is a {horrible} french translation for, "Forget the ham and cheese croissant, give this girl a raise!"

Or dance on the table, while throwing handfuls of colorful macarons into the air. 

In the end, I decided to...

give her a tip. 



{Bon Bon}

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


It's just one of those nights. While everyone else is cozily snuggled, sprawling and snoring in their beds and cribs, without a care in the world, 
I find myself out on the couch at two in the morning with a spoonful of trader joe's speculoos cookie butter and a glass of almond milk... googling the whereabouts of Freddie Prinze Jr. 

Insomnia at its finest. 

Note to Self 

Make copious amounts of {THIS} tomorrow morning
Take copious? amounts of {THIS} tomorrow night

And on that note, 
a Good Night-Morning to you! 


{Bon Bon}

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