Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Je Ne Sais Quoi

{our matching noggins}

Baby Bean was born with a head full of thick dark hair. 
My nurse, midwife, and family can all testify that he came out squawking and with a hairstyle. 
The squawking is still just as loud as ever, but the hair is no longer the same. 

All of those baby hairs fell out. every.single.strand. 
Over a matter of weeks, he went from a faux hawk-to a combover- to a very unfortunate two-day episode of looking like a mini Kim Jong Il with a bout of baby acne-to a mullet-to three stubborn strands firmly rooted on the top of his head. then those fell out as well. 

oh how we laughed. and laughed. and laughedandlaughedandlaughed. 

Until, my hair...
my head full of thick dark hair, 
began falling out. 

things got serious.

Fortunately, I had a lot of hair to begin with. 
Unfortunately, I had a lot of hair to lose. 

Pretty much, I get a haircut in the shower with every shampoo and condition session, 
and the amount of sweeping and vacuuming going on would make you think that we own a dog. or a shetland pony. or a dog riding on a shetland pony, all over the house. 

 I think things are gonna be ok though.  
As I was picking out my breakfast at {Nuvrei} the other day, the girl taking my order looked at me, at me! and said, "I love your hair! It looks, I don't know, so healthy!" 

Your. Hair. Healthy. Love. 

Those words, spoken so nonchalantly, yet so timely in the middle of a picturesque pâtisserie downtown, and what I thought was the beginning of a bad hair day. 

Inwardly, I wanted to shout, "oubliez le croissant jambon et fromage. donner à cette fille une augmentation! Which is a {horrible} french translation for, "Forget the ham and cheese croissant, give this girl a raise!"

Or dance on the table, while throwing handfuls of colorful macarons into the air. 

In the end, I decided to...

give her a tip. 



{Bon Bon}


Chrissy said...

Oh, I remember that happening to both my baby girl and I as well. I freaked out like a maniac, not because of baby's hair but because of mine (I have very thin hair), so I ended up getting a pixie until all was good again.
How sweet of her to say that! xxx

Mandy Koster said...

You two are awesome!
X Mandy

Lana and Chris McCoy said...

Cannot tell you how much I love your blogs. :) You make me smile from ear to ear with every new post! Baby bean is a stud no matter what his "hair style" looks like. You're hot - even if you go bald, you'll still be hot!

Eloquent English said...

This post made me laugh! LOL! Well you do have beautiful hair!!!!!!! Be thankful that you already had thick hair so you had room to lose! Think of those who have ubber thin hair and it falls out. ESHK! xoxo A-

Francis said...

Omg I'm so not looking forward to losing my hair again. I lost so much last year and I've now got all these crazy regrowth framing my face. lol

Jessica said...

I started losing my hair too. BOO.

Ashley Slater said...

I lose some hair because of my lupus but I have a lot to start with so it is okay! I love your writing style, loved this post!


Kira said...

I have gone through periods of time where I just have hand fulls of hair falling out in the shower. I think it's just a normal cyclical thing especially post baby. You will be fine!

wildchild said...

Ha I loved your French translation for this. I lose a buttload of hair every shower as is, so I can only imagine what it'll be like when the baby/post pregnancy days come. But praise the lord that that won't be for years. This hair is mine all mine for a long time!

The Bebebirds said...

Aw, I'm so glad you got encouragement in the most unexpected place! God is so sweet like that :)


Rachel said...

i already lose a ton of hair in the shower, and i'm a little nervous to see how much worse it gets when this little girl makes her appearance.

so glad that you got that encouragement you needed, sweetie. and yes, you still look gorgeous beyond all words!

tara polly said...

dog riding a shetland pony!! i think your hair is gorge.

Ashleigh said...

Ugh post baby hair loss is the worst! Mine just stopped falling out like 2 months ago. I'm sure your hair still looks as pretty as ever :)

Happy Wife said...

this made me smile! not because of your hair trauma, but because right when you needed the love, it was given!! how perfect!
and I like that you use french :)
Happy Hump Day!!

Emily said...

haha girl if someone didnt know how much hair I had they would think I was bald due to the amount of hair on the floor and in my hairbrush.But no just a head full of hair, its amazing how much falls out and I still have so much left.

Leigh said...

YIKES! I feel like I would feel the EXACT same way. You hair IS absolutely gorge though, btw. :) :)

Amy said...

My hair falls out on the regular.....Sadly. You're lucky you have a full head of hair, I know you feel like you're losing a lot but HEY no one is noticing :).

Jesse said...

my little man was born with a full head of hair as well and it's still growing like a weed (he's almost five months now). my hair, however, is falling out in handfuls. sigh, depressing.

lori said...

you and that sweet baby have beautiful hair! so sweet of the girl to compliment you right when you needed to hear it :)

eliz. said...

Your hair is beautiful! My hair falls off ALOT I get scared every time I take a shower...but I still have so much!

Shannon said...

OH MAN! Your hair is luscious!
Mine has stopped falling out finally but it's sooo limp and blah at the moment...

I am begging it to grow back

(I didn't' have much to start with)

the crafty currant said...

Would you please be able to donate some of your fallen strands in this direction. My is heading for the hills, and it's thin to begin with ... Arghhh!!

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