Thursday, June 28, 2012

Amazing $4 Summer Skin


"The Nubian Heritage African Black Soap line combines the ancient medicinal properties of black soap with the hydrating properties of Shea Butter to balance skin. Our traditional African Black Soap recipe contains palm ash, plantain peel extract, tamarind extract and papaya enzymes. This powerful combination has traditionally been used to treat eczema, acne, oily skin, psoriasis, and other skin ailments. In the apothecary tradition, Nubian Heritage updates African Black Soap with active botanical extracts and salicylic acid to more effectively treat acne, balance skin tone and improve skin texture. Daily use of the line will result in cleaner, clearer, healthier skin."

This stuff is incredible. 
I had to share.
Preach it. 
The Holy Grail of Soap.

Prepare to be converted if you believe in soft, glow-y, and clear skin.

{I have combination-sensitive skin, that usually has to be balanced with an apple cider vinegar toner to get my PH levels ship-shape}


It wipes away any and all traces of the day: oil, dirt, makeup, and baby drool: Check
Leaves your face squeaky clean, (but not drying): Check
Balances skin tone: Check
Improves skin texture: Check
Haven't even had a hint of a smidgen of a pimple in ages: chhhhhhheckmate to you, Hormones.


It literally is black soap. like, the color of ash. Which is a little funny to see on your washcloth after you're all clean, annnnd the cloth has dark grey marks all over it like you just came home from the coal mines (doesn't stain). 

That's the only con. and it's more like a fraction of a con. 1/4 of a con. Forget I even mentioned it!


I'm scrubbing through my second bar now and never looking back.

Also, this soap is my daily reminder of the time I spent in Rwanda. 
That I still have yet to see the movie I "starred" in, {long story}
which I'm sure, by now, has won me an Academy Award. 

At least my skin will be red-carpet ready. 


{Bon Bon}



wildchild said...


and can i get this goodness on Amazon???

k8te said...

this sounds amazing! my skin has been super pimply and dry lately, i was about to try apple cider vinegar! maybe i should try this though..

Katie @ My Darling Days said...

Dannggg! You totally have me sold. Purchasing this goodness ASAP! Thanks for sharing :)

chrissy said...

This soap seems awesome, great sales skills lady! Your blog is so cute, definitely new follower. :)

Courtney said...

i don't know how I stumbled upon your blog, but it is the cutest!! I am SO excited to try this soap!!!

Alex said...

Alright, so help a sistahfriend out. My skin freaks out more often than not, leaving me with little pimples everywhere. Are you telling me this will help my poor, sad, sensitive skin out??

Ashton said...

I feel like I just saw this soap at Target in the soap aisle (of course). Is this a true story?

If so, I might have to check it out because my skin sounds very similar to what you are dealing with. :)

Leigh said...

Off to Whole Foods, stat. :)
I'll keep you posted on my verdict too!

Thanks for sharing, sis!

Leigh said...

Off to Whole Foods, stat. :)
I'll keep you posted on my verdict too!

Thanks for sharing, sis!

Meredith said...

well golly.
i need me some of this.

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