Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Heartbeat: Rwanda

Sometimes I forget that I once called Africa my home-away-from-home. That I spent four gloriously fulfilling, challenging, life-altering, and plain ol' happy months in The Land of a Thousand Hills. It was stretching and completely foreign in every sense of the word. Night and day. I can remember after returning to the states, I went to a local grocery store and was overwhelmed with the selection. In Rwanda, if you went to the market to buy bananas, you had two choices; (A). the small ripe yellow ones, or, (B). the small rotten brown ones. Easy enough!

Sometimes I miss that simplicity. The genuine warmth and relational aspect of a culture so ingrained with the will to overcome and rise above extreme adversity. Out of Genocide. HIV/AIDS. Orphans. Widows. Corruption. Poverty. Moving onward to hope and restoration.

Sometimes it seems so long ago that I was there. The transition, arrival, adapting, and goodbye all mesh into a dreamy existence.

So I look at pictures.

And then I remember.


{Bon Bon}


Anonymous said...

Beautiful post. Captivating photos. My husband traveled to Haiti last June and I find my self looking at the photos he took while he was there quite often, and a part of me wishes I would have been able to experience that with him...

You have a lovely blog!

Jennifer said...

Wow. Those pictures make me long to go overseas again. I want to go to Africa SO BADLY!!!!

PS: this is an adorable little blog! I look forward to more!

Our Beautiful Life said...

How did you spend your time in Rwanda? I'm headed to Haiti in June for a mission trip. Thank you for your work with the orphans. Hugs!

danielle @ take heart said...

amazing! love these photos.

Brooke said...

aw :( these are amazing pictures. It must have been such an experience to go there!

Thank you for your sweet comment too :)

Court said...

How lovely was this post! I especially loved the pictures. I have never been to Rwanda... Furthest north I've been (if you don't count a plane stop in Senegal) is Botswana. 2015 I hope to be in Tanzania and Rwanda for a family reunion. You are too lucky!

And I'm glad your husband got to go to the world cup. DEFINITELY make him take you to SA someday. And make sure you email me before you go so I can tell you where the must see places are! :)

I am Megan said...

Beautiful pictures! When I was in Tanzania they charged me for the pictures I took. The one guy even asked me for money because I took a picture of his goat! I pretended not to be English and walked away. The goat was in the middle of the road, no man's land! Sigh!

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