Sunday, February 6, 2011

Whim Wham Weekend #2

{Currently sitting on our counter. Please come over and eat them for us!}

{Friday Highlights}
  • Friday Night Fort Night: (long story short: in college, this was called Friday Night "Fright" Night. However, watching scary movies soon lost it's appeal after two nights in particular. I'll have to tell the tales sometime! So, now we catch up with our DVR and build a fort in the living room, eating bowls of ice cream and brownies. Happy times!
  • Hanging out with some friends at Hopworks Urban Brewery. Root beer and fries for me. I'm still acquiring a taste for beer, but I still felt adult-ish ordering something that had the word "beer" in it. Made me feel like I got carded for somewhat of a good reason.
  • Our friend is currently in school getting his PE-Teaching-license. His stories of working with high school girls were both hilarious and terrifying.

{Saturday Highlights}
  • Sleeping in with the stud hubs. We are definitely night owls on the weekends. Hoot.
  • Hanging out in the quirky Hawthorne District. People watching at Peet's Coffee while playing some cribbage. Always a good time!
  • Dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings. Huckleberry lemonade, honey bbq wings, and the Blazers game.
  • Scoring a pair of Stuart Weitzman sandals for $14.00 at Buffalo Exchange.
  • Watching "The Hurt Locker." I am so in awe of anyone serving in the armed forces.

{Sunday Highlights}
  • Driving down to Salem, (where Daniel's family lives), for church, lunch with friends, the Superbowl, and a birthday party. So much food this weekend!
  • Finished Week 3 of the Insanity program.
  • Received the Stylish Blogger Award 3x from some sweet blogger friends!
  • My father-in-law just got his book published! Check it out here!

I am just so in love with weekends! Is it bad that I'm already looking forward to the next one?

Hope you all had a lovely and lively one as well! Now I need to get caught up with all of your beautiful blogs.


{Bon Bon}


Let's take a coffee break said...

Those brownies look delish!!! I'm already looking forward to next weekend too! Hehe!


Jen said...

Sleeping in is the BEST part of the weekend!

Megan said...

Ummm, brownies! Yum! Wish I lived closer. We also ate at Buffalo Wild Wings this weekend!! It was SO good!!

Love the fort night! Y'all are precious!

kira said...

I made brownies this weekend, too! I'm glad we had people over for the Super Bowl so I didn't end up eating them all myself.

I was so nervous the Blazers were going to lose to the Cavs, so glad they pulled that one out!


Leanna said...

I saw The Hurt Locker too. It was kind of a weird film, but definitely well made and eye opening.

And no kidding, we really are close! I'm just about 20 minutes south of Salem, you could have thrown a rock and hit my house! :)

TexaGermaNadian said...

I love your weekend highlights, what a great idea. Just stumbled over to your blog, and really glad I did. Now on to have an even better look around :)

tickled. said...

Those brownies are making my mouth water ... And it's not even 11! :) Fort Night is the cutest idea EVER! :) Sounds like your weekend was perfect!


AE Jones said...

Darling blog! I'm a new follower! And your father-in-law's book sounds GREAT! Congrats to him on getting it published... I'm a publicist for a publishing company so I know how much work it takes to get a book published. A huge accomplishment. xoxo

Michelle said...

That's awesome for your father-in-law ... what an accomplishment!!! Congrats on completing week 3 on Insanity! I just started and well, oh my! HAHA ... love your blog! So happy to be following!


TB said...

Your weekend round-ups make me miss the days before we had The Kid--and that's an accomplishment, because life is pretty great right now! :)

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