Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fashion and the Flu

{vitamin c. yes please}

Even though I'm feeling a little under the weather, I figured I might as well try and get out of my sweatpants uniform and dress for the day like a normal functioning human being. Then I had an epiphany. Twofold. (A). I'm not normal. I've learned to embrace the quirky. (B). Sweatpants are fashionable these days.

I double checked my resources upon this revelation.

{Yigal Azrouƫl, Alexander Wang, and Rag & Bone}

Comfort and style? You don't have to choose one over the other? It's too good to be true! So, I threw together my own version, cause I'm ridiculous like that, even when stricken with the black lung. Did I mention I get really dramatic whilst sick? Haha. Whilst.

{tired eyes. bright lips}

Top: Lulus
Necklace: A gift from Spain
Sweatpants: Aerie
Shoes: Michael Antonio

I posed for a bit. Contemplated life. Practiced my runway walk, just for old times' sake. Ate a grapefruit. Good times were had. Good times.

Then I kicked off my heels and snuggled back onto the couch.

After all, isn't that what sweatpants really were created for? Let's be honest here.

The red lipstick stayed on though. I still wanted to feel a bit glamorous for the day and, surprisingly, it pairs well with a red runny nose. Whowhouldathunkit.

Would you ever take your sweatpants out of the gym and into the "real" world?


{Bon Bon}


Rissy said...

I think it is a sick person's prerogative to be a little dramatic so go for it!

Seems like for a sick person, you had a big day. I mean any day with red lips is a big one right?

I was a dance major in college so I tried to make my yoga and sweat pants look like normal casual wear just about everyday ; )

Anonymous said...

I never knew sweatpants could be so cute! Hope you feel better very soon.

Anonymous said...

Love the sweatpants! Hopefully your giveaway prize will make you feel better :)

Leigh said...

Hope you feel better soon!

Megan said...

i lived in orange county for four years..aka the land of 40 year old women wearing yoga gear every.where.

So to answer your question, no, i dont think im cool enough to brave the sweats turned into daily wear.

but i will rock them all day from the comfort of my own home.

which i am doing today actually.

tickled. said...

you are too cute ... even with the black lung! :)

I am desperate (ok, that's a little dramatic) for some harem style sweats! With heels for Spring? Yes, please!

Hope you feel better!


two birds said...

i never thought about this...but you look so cute! i also like the idea of lipstick while lounging around. how very glamorous!!

mary said...

ok, i cant even get to the sweatpants yet bc i am obsessing about the tendrils in your HAIR! love it this way! and your cuteness cup runneth over, yes you can wear those wherever you want! and ps~sometimes i also wear red lips around the house :-P hope you are feeling better! xox!

Jennifer said...

Ok, I'm glad I'm not the only one who puts on lipstick when i'm sick...I hate feeling like a complete bum...somehow that helps? I don't know.

I most certainly do the cute, casual outfits with sweats/yoga pants...not in heels though but in tennis shoes...or possibly other flats.

I hope you recover from black lung very soon.

The end. :)

Brooke said...

If I could wear sweats everywhere I would!! So comfy and it's pretty much what I wear everyday!

Miss V said...

Oh hello there new favorite blog. There goes my afternoon. <3 thanks for stopping by mine so I could find yours.

Lindsi said...

You are so cute Bonnie! Even beautiful while fighting off the black lung, lol. You made me smile after reading this, as I am fighting a nasty bug myself and have felt anything but glamorous, but I will have to try the lipstick trick! I have some spicy shades I've been itchin' to wear, and there's my opportunity. Have a fabulous day and hope you are able to get out and enjoy the gorgeous rays! xoxo

kira said...

I have noticed a lot of sweatpants on runway, too/

I would need to buy a well fitting pair before I would ever wear them out in public though. All of mine are big and comfy. I have owned my favorite pair for about 15 years. Ok, now that I think about it, that's kind of gross...

_kArLy[*] said...

haha, as much as i want to, i cant. work wont allow it. highschool, all the, i have to be mature and grownup. but that doesnt mean i dont like to...What a fun blog you have!

Let's take a coffee break said...

That outfit you put together is cute!!! AND you still look great even with the flu. I have no energy when I am sick to do anything! But I'm sure after days of being sick you wanted to get normal again! Feel better!


communikate. said...

You look lovely for being sick!

Get well soon!

pst.. thanks for saying hello on my blog! ;0

Ashley @ Life Is Beautiful said...

Ok, you are just too adorable! I'm really loving the sweats style!

-Many Smiles!

Megan said...

Your posts always brighten my day! You look gorgeous, even whilst sick! Ha!

Victoria said...

Since my sweatpants are gigantic and my college's name down the side... probably not hahaha

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