Sunday, February 13, 2011

Whim Wham Weekend #3


This weekend was one of those really busy weekends that suddenly transformed into a low-key couple of days. (We had some plans that were moved to a different weekend last minute). Probably the good way to go since I'm just getting over the flu and re-entering the land of the living. We lived a little and lounged a lot.

Friday Highlights
  • Coffee run/Shopping with my best friend, Emily, aka Matron of Honor/Sister-friend/Other half. We magically transform into 14 year olds when we get together. Random fact: We have all of our inside jokes written down, (The Mr. Thomnas & Luigi Joke Book), encompassing our 16 year friendship.
  • Friday Night Fort Night, obvi. Mint Chocolate ice cream and homemade kettle corn.
  • Boy Meets World Marathon. {that.definitely.happened} It was glorious.

Saturday Highlights
  • Homemade breakfast croissant sandwiches. Sausage/egg/cheese, oh my.
  • Shopping trip to the mall with the stud hubs. I didn't even look at anything for myself...that my friends, is when you know I'm still a little sick & tired. A Strawberry Orange Julius was the perfect pick-me-up! So 90s and so good.
  • Movie date to see The King's Speech. Worth every penny. But we didn't spend any of our pennies with our Regal Gift Card, so, hypothetical pennies?
  • Pure Cardio/Cardio Abs workout. Always followed by chocolate milk. True story. Don't worry, it's a good "protein" drink. Honest.

Sunday Highlights
{little monkey}
  • Happy 7th Birthday Elizabeth! Her fancy lunch request was steak, twice-baked potatoes, and salad. She's either the actress of the family or the rocket scientist. We're still debating. Either way, she's got gumption up the wazoo.
  • Receiving a 5-months-after-the-wedding-gift in the mail.
  • Receiving my fun giveaway gift in the mail, thanks to the lovely ladies here.
  • Currently watching the Blazers game, of course.
  • Jealously glancing through my friend's New York Fashion Week photos, here.

What was the theme of your weekend? {"go" or "slow"} Whatever it was, I hope it was full of wonderful!


{Bon Bon}


Jen said...

A Boy Meets World Marathon sounds like the perfect weekend! Hope your feeling better!

Julie said...

No way- I definitely had a Boy Meets World marathon, too! That's awesome!

Jamie Walker said...

Sometimes chill weekends are the best!

Megan said...

I used to always watch Boy Meets World! That sounds like a wonderful time!! Haha!!

Our theme was "work." Isn't that fun? Haha. NOT!

kira said...

Elizabeth is so adorable, sounds like you had a great weekend!

Michaela said...

Loved Boy Meets World (:

Glad you had a fun weekend, girl! Happy Valentine's Day xoxo

Michelle said...

I used to love Boy Meets World too!

It looks like you had a great weekend!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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