Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Favorites: Fa-la-la Friends


I'm gonna go out on a limb today and assume that anyone reading this is a general fan of music. Bold prediction, right?

If you're like me when it comes to music, you are always looking for something new and something different. {You can check out my views on music here}. Well, today for my Friday Favorites, I bring to you glad tidings of great joy a.k.a something new and something different.

Best part: These are just a few of our talented friends who recently finished putting together their album/ep. Meaning, we have a ton of talented friends you have yet to meet. I feel like a little fish in a BIG pond around these guys. Sheesh.

{say a big hello to}

Hot Bodies in Motion
*Seattle-based (with roots in Oregon)
*Indie Blues Rock
*"Baby-makin’ mammal funk, laced with old-school blues roots---Hot Bodies acknowledges that it's dangerous to put this much sexy into one sound. The melodies are soulful and catchy enough to put that iconic smile on Stevie Wonder’s face while the music would make Stevie Ray Vaughan tip his hat."

Check HBIM out here and on iTunes

{and a warm welcome to}

Natalie Closner
*Portland-based (with roots in Seattle, LA, and Nashville)
*Indie Folk Pop
*"These are the sounds of a twenty-something girl learning to live, to love, trying to understand what that even means... and singing about it."

Check Natalie out here and on iTunes

Ahhh. Music to my ears. Literally.

Have a lovely and lively Friday! Turn up some music, have a dance party, and celebrate the weekend!


{Bon Bon}


mary said...

having an obsession confession with old habits! thanks for sharing bon bons! xox!

Rissy said...

well you had be at "baby making" hahaha just kidding... I will definitely be checking these both out.

Leanna said...

I'll have to check these guys out! I have a pretty eclectic taste in music too. Thanks for sharing... I'm always on the hunt for new stuff.

Megan said...

I will definitely check them out! How cool to have such talented friends!

Holly said...

I love that card at the beginning of your post! :D

Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

i love music, and my boys love it too. we could dance all day. I will have to check out these peeps because I love listening to new music.

Rachel said...

Hey friend, I'm so excited to try new music thanks to your post. I got a new iPod for Valentines Woohoo--I know it's early--and I've been looking for some good music so thanks!

And thanks for entering my giveaway! All the best!

Pia said...

Ooh, I really am always on the look for new music. I'll check your suggestions out right now! :)

Jamie Walker said...

Thank you! I'm always needing new music, and I love them!

Jamie Walker said...

Thank you! I'm always needing new music, and I love them!

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