Monday, October 31, 2011

I'm a Scaredy Cat

{our nest}

I spent the majority of the weekend alternating between nesting and eating fun size candy bars. Not a bad life, I tell ya.

Something that is bad?
Getting sucked into watching "Orphan" on the Lifetime Channel.
In a moment of weakness, I will fall prey to a false sense of courage when it comes to scary stuff.
It's happened a handful of times.

Talking my parents into taking a 3 year old me on the Snow White ride at Disney World.
Talking my babysitter into letting me watch "Batman Returns" at age 4.
Talking my brother into letting me play the Windows '95 computer game "Are You Afraid of the Dark."

And of course,
"Friday Night Fright Night"
in college.
When I was trying to think of any excuse to spend time with Daniel, (pre-DTR*), cuddled under a blanket of course.

{*DTR=Define The Relationship talk}

Everything was going well, until the night we watched "The Grudge."
Over a holiday weekend.
Thus, a huge empty dark house (usually filled with bright lights and 55 girls) awaited me.
The hallway felt so long. Even though I ran down it.
And the bathroom? Yeah right. They always get you in the bathroom.
Didn't help that we had just watched "The Exorcism of Emily Rose" too.
Or that the only other girl in the sleeping porch with me had a tendency to sleep talk.

As I squeezed my eyes closed at 3AM,
I hear sleep-talk- girl start moaning.
and groaning.
and thrashing around in her bunk bed.
yelling "no no no!"
Then she screamed, sat straight up in her bed, turned to look at me, and slooooooowly laid back down.

I may or may not have yelled "Emily Rose" and thrown a Bible at her.
It's all a blur.

And that, my friends, was the end of "Friday Night Fright Night."

Happy Halloween!


{Bon Bon}


SarahAnn said...

Oh, I'm a scaredy cat too.

At the top of my list would be convincing my babysitter that I could watch ET by myself in the basement when I was 7. Drunk aliens apparently scare me and scarred me for life.

Becca and Derek said...

I freak out when I have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. I literally JUMP onto the bed b/c I think something will come out underneath and get me! EKK!

Joelle said...

I love scary movies! But I am absolutely terrified of them. Terrified. Like you've never seen before...

I'm actually not allowed to watch them at all. If it's on TV {and I almost started watching Orphan on Lifetime this weekend too} I'll watch it with all the lights on and someone else there with me, but that's really it.

I used to love scary movies, but The Grudge and The Ring turned me. I can't handle either of those...

So at least you know you're not alone in being a scaredy cat, I guess :/


Morgan said...

Those pictures are gorgeous. And a weekend spent eating fun-size candy bars sounds like a good one to me!

kaitlin said...

Ha ha. I still can't watch scary movies, my imagination always gets the best of me and then I end up checking under the bed and in the closet for the next 3 months.

I have that same bicycle pillow! i loves it so very much!

Emma Frances said...

Wow. You've got some gorgeous stuff in your house! I love that pillow!! :] And Friday Night Fright Night sounds INTENSE! If I had a roommate do that I would freak out!!

kira said...

So funny, I lived in Azalea the year the Grudge came out. Against my better judgment, I went and saw it with a big group of Azalea and Varsity folks. I think sleeping in a room full of 55 girls was helpful for me that night. A little less scary than sleeping alone :)

Kate said...

Oh I am totally a scaredy cat- when I was little I used to run out of the room when the news was on! I cannot watch horror movies, I like to sleep too much!

meme-and-he said...

well my name actually IS Emily awesome.

Erin said...

I used to love scary movies in high school but once I moved out on my own...things began to be more terrifying and I turned into a major scaredy cat!

wildchild said...

haha i cannot do scary movies at all. at.all. even hearing about the plot line freaks the crap right out of me. so i don't blame you. ending friday night fright night was definitely a good choice.

Sarah said...

I'm not a fan of scary movies, but I do admit they are easy to get suckered into watching.

- Sarah

Megan said...

Orphan is freaking scary.

now i cant stop thinking about it.

Mimi said...

L.O.V.E. the pictures from your nest! You have such a great sense for decorating.

Megan said...

Hahahahaha. This totally made me laugh!!!!

Ellie said...

DTR? *grins* We use that term around here, too, so I love that you know what that is! Most people don't.

And I don't know if you've already done this, but could you share your DTR story? Those are always fun to hear... and seemingly awkward to experience. *laughs*

Also. Ditto to the 'not-a-fan-of-scary-movies'. *shiver*


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