Monday, November 21, 2011

Whim Wham Weekend #19

{just me. saying hello}

Really though.
I'm saying hi. and that's that.
This post is written out of guilty feelings with a side of blog abandonment issues.

And to confirm that I am still uberrrrr-pregnant.
I've spent the past three days relishing,
utterly relishing
in all things lazy. gluttonous. slothful.

You know the futuristic space world in Wall-E?
Everyone's hovering around, drinking slurpees, losing all their muscles...

{treats and snoozin. snoozin and treats}

ding ding ding.
that was my weekend.

it was perfection.

Come back tomorrow for a giveaway!

a.k.a I solemnly vow my return to being productive/contributing to society


{Bon Bon}


Erin said...

Ha ha! Glad you had a great weekend girlie! This made me laugh!

Rissy said...

other than going to work, I do absolutely nothing productive. You at least have one big, round reason to do a lot of relaxin' and snackin'


SarahAnn said...

That was our weekend too, but I don't have pregnancy as an excuse anymore.

Seriously. Milk that.


Sarah Frills4Thrills said...

I think that growing a baby inside you is productive enough!

Kristin @ The Chronicles of Kristin said...

I love that you quoted Marcel the Shell. "All he cares about are treats and snoozin'. Snoozin' in treats." It made me laugh out loud. ha :) Sometimes these lazy weekends are much needed to recharge, and since you're uber pregnant, I think you get as many of those as you want. ;)

laurenjeanallece said...

That's the perfect kind of weekend to take you into Thanksgiving week! You've got to prepare for that kind of feasting!

Melu103 said...

hey gorgeous!
sounds like a good weekend!
are you ready for Thanksgiving?
I am =) i am craving turkey!

love i wanted to invite you
to our Secret Santa

My friend Summer and I
are hosting a Secret Santa
Blogger Style! I would love
for you to be a part of it!

stop by my blog and join us!


Becca and Derek said...

I thought that picture was a sneak peek of a birth announcement! That would be super cute! But, of course, a boyish color (and add his name & stats) and then the back can be a picture of him! Glad you are feeling okay and pushing through! Way to go Mama! :)

kira said...

I remember what it feels like to be at that point in your pregnancy. I was overworking myself like a crazy person and felt terrible. I recommend doing exactly what you did this weekend. Just relax! Once that baby comes, you won't be able to for a while.

Nikki said...

Better to abandon you blog then your child...right? There you go. No guilt needed! said...

oohhh I thought your absence was because your little bean was here! Sounds like a perfect relaxing weekend to me! :-) Keep relaxing!

Justina F. Lee said...

Why did I just think of...limbo...

Michaela said...

I literally thought you had the baby!!! Glad you're back (:

Holly said...

Hahah I thought you not blogging meant you'd had the baby too! LOL!

Lauren @The Little Things We Do.... said...

soak up the slothfulness while you can. that little baby is going to keep you plenty busy soon enough!

Jamie said...

You are making a baby. Don't feel guilty. At all.

beauté du bonheur said...

come back soon girl I want to read all your good stuff!

Megan said...

We will forgive you, since you're pregnant and all. Now me, I have no excuse. : )

chanel said...

AMAZING! That scene in Wall-E is fantastic. The mothers sitting next to us when we saw that movie were drinking large Frappuccinos while that scene was was hilarious...and I wondered if it registered with them at all. You deserve ever bit of gluttonous rebellion!

xo chanel

Sara B said...

hahahaha love the wall-e and marcel reference in this. hope you had a fabulous thanksgiving!!!

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