HIM: civil-engineer rockstar. 1000+ piece puzzle fiend. sports knowledge rivals that of ESPN. holds several passports filled with stamps. cheers extra cheers for the Trailblazers. eats carrots daily. averages 430 points per Words With Friends game. wears shorts and flip flops year round. loves her. 

HER: wife-mama-all-around-amazing-person. over 6' tall with heels on. parents had to read "the strong willed child." always orders too much food. current Fantasy Football league champion. uses fingers for addition and subtraction. reads 192 pages per hour. laughs at own jokes. clothing style changes depending on mood. loves him. 

oh. and we like Jesus. a lot. So, we have that going for us. 

This blog is all about our life in Portland, Oregon, and how we are adding a little whim-wham to it. 

Or babies. Apparently, we are adding babies to it now.  

Whim-Wham: a whimsical object; a trinket; a whim or fancy


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