Monday, May 16, 2011

Whim Wham Weekend #13

Friday Highlights

*Received the most amazing phone call ever. Still beaming about it.

*Girl's day with my cousin Savannah, (age 10). I used to change her diapers. Stop growing up!

*Red Robin, shopping, and pedicures, oh my!

*Daniel and I watched, "The Town." He said he really enjoyed it. I was asleep and snoring by the middle of it. As Ben Affleck said his last poignant line, I shouted "Whatever!" and woke up. I think I was having a dream within a dream.

Saturday Highlights

*Hey, let's go to Starbucks! We'll get bagels and coffee. Life is perfect!

*Four Starbucks later. It was bagel ghost-town. Like Jesus himself had returned to Portland and taken all of the bagels with him. I still love you Jesus.

*We settle for Subway instead. Don't even get me started on the raisin sandwich I somehow ordered.

*Starbucks #4 did have bagels! BUT it was the Barnes&Noble, my gift cards won't work there. We pay $1.50. It's a small price to pay after the ordeal that food has become for me in my every day life!

*Daniel's favorite thing I wear these days is any type of maxi-dress/skirt. He loves them so much that he insisted I buy a new one at H&M.

*Church at Solid Rock.

*VIP status/discounts at Departure. Our friends there are too good to us AND Baby Bean!

*Fancy Shirley Temples/Edamame/Indonesian Chicken/Shitake Rolls/Departure Wings/Macadamia Torte.

*Food baby and Real baby were happy.

Sunday Highlights
{I have daily love affairs with food. obvi}

*Roll out of bed and hop in the car for a much-needed grocery shopping excursion.

*The promise of Krispy Kreme doughnuts made me push through.

*Surprisingly, I am not 200 lbs. yet.


{Bon Bon}


Leanna said...

I actually really liked the Town, but I can see why it wouldn't be some people's cup of tea. :)

I was actually in Portland yesterday and thought to myself, "Oh, I should say hi to Bonnie!" But yeah, I didn't know where you were so that was a useless thought. haha.

Nikki said...

I liked the town too! Glad baby was happy with a bagel. I dislike the barnes and noble starbucks because the bakery is not the same. But sometimes you have no choice I guess.

Mandee said...

oh I am dissapointed you had Starbucks issues. I just read the book written by their CEO and that was one thing he claimed to have fixed! oh well...we can only hope!

kira said...

Subway has raisin sandwiches? That is really odd to me for some reason.

Amylou said...

Yay! Congrats to you both! How exciting!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

could you guys get any more adorable?! :)

mary said...

Dear cutest bonniest and danielist plus the baby bean, your whim wham weekends are amazing. You are not the only one (or 1.3 whatever you would like to determine the umm fraction shall we call it?) who lives for food! Not nearly 100 lbs yet either I suppose on your skinny hot dot legs! Happy napping! xox!

Shalyn said...

NO BAGELS? What the hey? Dont they know girl needs her food? Good thing you found it! Cute pictures!

tickled. said...

Krispey Kremes?!! YUMMMM. need one. now.
xo:: Lauren @ tickled.

Jasmine said...

hehehe... i love how you call your baby baby bean! so cute. and congrats :) that's so exciting!

Bee said...

i laughed when you said your man liked the town and you fell asleep. same exact thing happened here :)

Sarah Frills4Thrills said...

you are so cute! i'm so excited for your baby! surprisingly, i do not have that in common with you this time, but i dooooo go to solid rock! are you gonna go again?! because if you do, i'm at like alllll six gatherings (joys of being married to a pastor), and then we could meet and then we could be friends in real life!

Megan said...

You're so cute, Bon!! I love how much you love food. No wonder we are bff.

Natalie and Lee said...

Yall are such a cute couple! Enjoying reading your blog! So glad I came across it:)

Janna Renee said...

i sooo have a love affair with food and Krispy Kreme? girl! I used to have a free standing KK right by my house! Thank goodness they are not as accessible anymore! lol

ben+alex said...

i LOVE a good bag of kettle corn. so so good.
also, loving your blog. just found it. new follower.


Lynn {hearted girl} said...

baha! food baby and real baby - i love it! just the fact you can say that now and it's real is freakin' awesome. looks like you had quite the weekend, hope this one includes as much goodness too. ♥

Rachael said...

Haha! Excellent.
You look so cute with your popcorn!

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