Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Laughing Gas


You should know that one of my biggest life cravings is Mexican food.
The meat. The cheese. The spice.
Bring it on. Daily. Por Favor.
The beans though, might have to start staying on the plate and out of my stomach.
Recently, I ate those glorious refried beans.
Full of salt and lard.
and glory glory glory.
{what was my New Year's resolution again?}
But after two full days of an angry every-time-he-kicked his-legs-he-farted Baby...Bean {ironic},
I vowed to be a better breastfeeding mama and omit them, amongst other things, from my diet.

Even thought the farting. was. hysterical.

I also sent Daniel to the store to pick up some Gripe Water.
Just in case I have a moment of pinto bean weakness in the near future.
He bought it. I thanked him. for the Gripe Water.
He said your welcome. for the Grape Water.
And I was all, nooooo, it's called GrIpe Water. "I"

Yes. My husband thought I was saying Grape. The word Grape, over and over again, but in a strange Australian accent.
and it didn't even phase him.
Because I am just that weird, and I would do that.
He knows me too well.

Welcome to our daily life.



{Bon Bon}


Kendra said...

haha! I've never heard of gripe water either so I would've done exactly what your husband did!

And i LOVE mexican food. Love, love, love. We recently moved from California to DC and there is not a single restaurant that holds a candle to LA street tacos. I miss my latin grub!

Erin said...

I don't know what gripe water is either! :) I hope the grape water was tasty though! :)

Mmmmm Mexican sounds so good tonight!

Kira said...

Wait, so did he actually purchase grape flavored water?

Andrea said...

Now I'm saying Gripe water over and over and over in my head and pretending I'm saying Grape. And I sound so cool.

Enjoy those beans! (because we KNOW you'll have at least some here and there) :)

Andrea xoxo

LaynahRose said...

LOL I love that he thought nothing of it when you supposedly took on an australian accent with just one word. Now you have me saying different words in an australian accent just to hear myself.

Mmm, beans sound so good :) I actually had some for dinner. Hahaha, good luck staying away from them.

Madeline Grace said...

I love, love, love Mexican food so I completely understand!

Good luck staying away from the beans!

Taylor said...

I just said gripe and thought about how grape would sound in an Australian accent and I laughed out loud (in my car. alone. Sitting outside waiting for my Thai. I'm that hungry that I couldn't even stay home for 5 more min. Thai...good thing in not nursing a baby...although I wish I was! Hehe). I'm still laughing about the word gripe...

Chloe Deverill said...

Oh this is sooo funny! You made laugh ouut loud!

Brooke said...

Haha! Your posts are so hilarious! Poor baby farting bean. Hey, at least you've got a good embarrass- your-kid-in-front- of-his-friends story already logged away! :)


ginanorma said...

oh my goodness what a HOOT this post is!!! Love it and love farts, sorry, I do!!!
and mexican food. this post had me LOLing sitting here all alone with my laptop :0 oh boy.

Jenna said...

Awww poor baby bean! ha! I can imagine that it could get pretty hysterical!

I've never heard of gripe water, what is it?


Shalyn said...

YUMMY- we indulged in some Mexican food last night! Not happy about potentially having to give up my beans when baby comes, though. Bring on the Gripe water...

Melu103 said...

did you see my post today?
mexican food ♥

Melina ♥

Taylor Morgan said...

your blog is so cute! thanks for your comment on mine :) looking forward to checking your blog out!


melifaif said...

yep. me and you, we would get along...right down to the bean. and the gripe. lol.

Anna said...

This is hilarious. :)
(Thanks for stopping by the blog today!)

Alexis Kaye said...

so what you're telling me is that when i'm breast feeding there's a POSSIBILITY that i have to go without firjoles?! uh uh girlfriend!

Alynne Leigh said...

hahaha, aw. your blog is so cute! (:

love Mexican food!!


Ana said...

hahaha that's too funny!

... Is it too early for nachos now?

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