Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Favorite Things: Baby Edition

{3 months of living and loving with our baby}

1) Fisher Price Papasan Cradle Swing
-we are borrowing this monstrosity/miniature disneyland ride from some friends; the minimalist in me doesn't like piles of baby stuff everywhere, but the desire in me to be a normal functioning human being who can take showers and do stuff with two free hands, does like this very very much!
2) Boppy
-classic must-have. perfect for breastfeeding and also for little bebes to recline in. bought mine at a garage sale for $3.
3) Sleep Sheep
-soothing sounds for everyone. early on when Baby Bean hated hated haaaaaated his diaper changes, I'd turn this on and it was like Frank Sinatra himself was crooning sweet notes of love at 2AM.
4) NoseFrida the Snotsucker
-ooooooh the things parents will do for their children. and oooooooh the things the Swedes will invent. I'm semi-intrigued about {this} device too. for now, we'll stick with gripe water.
5) Baltic Amber teething necklace
-adorable and homeopathic. I'm a sucker.
6) Calendula Cream
-knocked out a bout of baby acne overnight. smells great, lasts forever, and keeps skin soft and perfect. We love their shampoo and body wash too.
7) FuzziBunz
-scored an incredible deal on our cloth diapering set, {here}.
8) BabyLegs
-keeps chubby little legs warm and free to kick kick kick, while providing easy access for diaper changes.
9) Lulu Wrap
-snuggles for baby and mama all the live long day. win-win situation for everyone.

Stay tuned for Favorite Things: *Mama Edition

*ahem, that's super cool rockstar mama edition, mind you.


{Bon Bon}


Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

Adorable stuff!

Melu103 said...

i think number nine its such a
good way to keep your baby warm
and cozy! he looks really comfortable
in there :) and gives you two
free hands yay!

:) i love the items that
are currently your favorite!


Mateya said...

This is super helpful. Thanks!

Kira said...

We use FuzziBunz too! Also, I agree...the boppy is definitely a must. When I have to feed Pearl without it, I realize how useful it really is to me.

Lauren @The Little Things We Do.... said...

the nose frida is pure genius!! i quickly learned that the bulb syringes totally suck and fern hated it. the nose frida is MUCH better. oh...and also...what's the difference between the lulu wrap and the moby? i like the idea of the moby, but it's so hard to wrap! it takes FOREVER and i never feel like it's sturdy enough to actually hold fern up.

modern Suburbanites said...

great picks!!


Alexis Kaye said...

you are rockstar momma! I'd love to hear your thoughts on cloth diapering!

Becca said...

Love your list! I'm totally getting a nose frida this time around...and I just looked up the Windi...haha but I would totaly do it! Moms are gross like that! :)

elvi said...

Oohhh interesting...I will remember this list when I grow up (hahaha)

Megan said...

You really are such a rockstar momma! I just love you three!

Andrea said...

Amber necklace, babylegs and cloth diapers? Yes, yes and yes!! Definite baby staples. We love our Charlie Bananas and Flips cloth diapers, but have heard awesome things about Fuzzibunz too :) xoxo

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