Thursday, January 10, 2013

Oregon is Fresh

{Photos courtesy of Lana and David. Mi familia! Check 'em out!}

And just like that, it's the year 2013. 
We don't have our flying cars and we aren't living on the moon, but hey, at least the world is still spinning madly on? 

And all that spinning makes for some fantastic coastal weather and waves here in Oregon,
full of beach football, "Bezzerwizzer," and "Auld Lang Syne" at the Nauti Mermaid. 

I still have sand in my shoes and half-unpacked suitcases
and don't even get me started on any sort of obligatory New Year's resolutions, which for now comprises of such loftiness as,

1. Clean Sand out of Shoes
2. Unpack Suitcases
3. Compromise on Buying a Couch that Blends Comfort (Daniel) with Crazy, I mean, Style (Bon Bon)
4. Dust the Cobweb Hanging on the Bathroom Ceiling Above the Shower that I Always See When I'm Shampooing my Hair and Think to Myself, "I should Really Dust that Cobweb." 

{Is there any significance in jotting down goals when,
naturally, my life keeps outdoing itself year after year? 
In the past four years, I have lived in Africa, returned to Oregon, almost left for Africa again, stayed in Oregon, became engaged and love and marriage, and then after all that k-i-s-s-i-n-g in trees along came the baby carriage and a house and a plant}

I think I'll keep my little list and see where it takes me this year. 


{Bon Bon}


Michaela said...

Baby bean is getting so big and adorable!! Your goals sound very attainable :) Great pics!

Anonymous said...

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danielle riebel said...

I like your goals. And I also like that you're back to your blog. I missed it.

Mish Lovin' Life said...

happy new yeeeeaaarrrrrrrrrr :)


Claire@MyDevising said...

Love your practical goals. Totally doable. :)

Shay said...

I just played buzzerwizzer for the first time! Although I definitely didn't play in beautiful Oregon-jealous!

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