Monday, February 18, 2013

NYC 2013

{See and Eat Highlights}

Shake Shack {midnight cheeseburger snack}
Times Square
Nightcap at Vucciria {Riesling cures jet lag}

Brunch at Cafe Gitane {The Jane Hotel}
Chelsea Market
Blue Bottle Coffee {Portland, is that you?}
MoMa {lots and lots of inexplicable human anatomy. be warned}
Nemo Begins!
5th Ave.
Makeovers at Henri Bendel {Thanks Tiff!} 
Trying on everything at Bergdorf Goodman. Everything.
Dinner at Todd English {The Plaza Hotel}

NYFW 2013
Backstage at Mara Hoffman {Kelly Cutrone is my spirit animal}
Cupcakes {Baked by Melissa}
Dinner at Public {holy brussel sprouts!}
Drinks at Pegu Club {All hail the Pisco Punch!}

Belgian Hot Chocolate {Le Pain Quotidien}
Central Park
Williamsburg, Brooklyn {Portland's brother from another mother}
Brunch at Egg
Coffee {El Beit}
Vintage Stores
Fuerza Bruta {Daryl Roth Theatre}
abc Carpet & Home store 
Dinner at Ippudo
Spot Dessert Bar {Chocolate Green Tea Lava}

Lazy morning in Midtown
{sketching, reading, napping}
 Magnolia Bakery {they stole my Grandma's banana pudding recipe!}
Eataly {I want to shop/eat/live/breathe here}
Dinner at New Wonjo
Cake at Paris Baguette
Rockefeller Center

Farewell NYC
Hello Home Sweet Home

{And one very teary FaceTime session with the Bean on Friday night} 


{Bon Bon}


jackie said...

yes, Shake Shack. Also, you have the most bodacious hair I've seen in a while. It's gorgeous and I'm jealous.

Jenna said...

This looks like so much fun!!

AlinaLoves said...

You definitely had a colourful and eventful time in New York! Oh and Shake Shack.... I miss this stuff terribly, so good! I love how you look in those glasses - they definitely suit you!

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

how fab-tastic are these pics?! well, let me just say my heart stopped for a moment and the outwards breath swished through me with awe. loved getting glimpses into your spectacular NYC trip - one of the best places on the planet fo sho!! and that hair of yours is epic girl, i'm loving the long length, so good! awesome breakdown. glad you had such a blast. um, the Cutrone sighting makes my day compete!! ♥

Mish Lovin' Life said...

I was GOING to ask just how much did you miss the Bean? But I think the teary FaceTime comment answered that. THEN, I was thinking of asking how MUCH did this wonderful weekend cost you, bc that's the blunt Korean side of me asking, but the white side is refraining....and then..... hmm... I guess I'll just end with telling you that throughout this post I was saying in my head, "man..she really is just super duper pretty...I love half koreans."

K, that's all.


justeenie said...

Oh, how I love NYC! Egg is one of my favorites. Felt right at home in Williamsburg.

.candace. said...

Gorgeous pics!! So talented. LOVE LOVE LOVE

Megan Lane said...

Girl, you are gorgeous!! You could be a model. Looks like a great trip, these photos are wonderful.

Lindsey said...

Love the photos!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

My September trip can't come soon enough!

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