Friday, February 28, 2014

Consumer Alert: My Birthday Wish List


Today is February 28th. I'm sure it's someone's day of birth, somewhere. Literally, their birthday, righhhhhhht, NOW! Born! Birth.Day! I'm sure a thousand people all over the world are sitting at a Red Robin with their complimentary ice cream and a rousingly fast rendition of "clapclapclaphappybirthdaytoyouuuuuclapclapclap." I'm sure someone is turning 28 today, on the 28th. Oh that's fun. 

Alright, enough about you. Even though my birthday isn't for a few more weeks, and even though my New York trip was kind of (part of)* my birthday present, well, a girl can dream, right? 

Here's what I'm thinking would be fun to open up on the morning, afternoon, or evening of March 19th, (either this March 19th, or the next, next, next March 19th with a few of these items). Or anytime in this life. Or afterlife. We'll have AmazonPrime in Heaven, yes? 

{Reality Check: I am a hesitant consumer/buyer/spender...but I do love compiling an organized numbered collage. Soooo, how would one go about DIY-ing these products. ha. JUST KIDDING. kind of}

*Daniel: "part of..." was used loosely and flippantly. I LOVE YOU! 


{Bon Bon}


Rachel Lynn said...

I was just thinking of compiling a similar list...however for opening of items on March 18th. Coincidental.

Michelle (michabella) said...

Bahaha. I love the comments at the end! Love that bag! It's similar to the Nena & Co bags I've been lusting over.

Jenn said...

I always makes lists like this for my birthday and Christmas. It's like a public service announcement and I usually congratulate myself on being so thoughtful as to give my husband a heads up.

Happy almost birthday!

justeenie said...

I was in the Will Leather Goods store last week and fell in love with that bag! They are made with old rugs that were used to wrap nicer rugs during shipping.

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