Friday, April 11, 2014

#laterblog (Snow Day)

Because I never posted these photos and that, my friends, is not ok. {sidenote: I'm not in these pictures because I was in New York. Furthermore side-noting, I was in Hawaii during the previous Oregon snow storm. What we can deduce from this cirrus phenomenon is this: Me on an airplane equals all the snow on the ground. It's a gift I guess. You're welcome} And yes, Bean is wearing gardening gloves.    
{photos c/o David James Visuals}


{Bon Bon}


Leslie said...

How fun! He is such a unique combination of you and your husband. I see you both in his face! Do you get that a lot?

Justina L said...

This little boy is such a sweetheart!! You must be such a proud mama for creating a masterpiece!

Jessica Holly said...

These are amazing! The bean is your twin :)

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