Monday, July 7, 2014


{Ceago Vinegarden}

   Hours upon hours upon hours in a car down the dusty stretch of I-5, and oh boy it is always worth it. (Pro Road Trip Tip: ALWAYS always stop at the Starbucks adjoined with the Barnes & Noble. Large Passion Tea plus a train table. Easy hour of leg stretching and fighting with the locals over who gets to play with Cranky the Crane).

   This was our 3rd trip down to Lake County, California (Clear Lake), since me and the Bean officially joined "the family," respectively. I could rave on and on about the weather, food, wine, family, friends, and festivities, but then you might want to join us, and their simply isn't enough room. A legit guest waiting-list of sorts is happening right now in hopes of snagging a bed, couch, or bathtub next time. Everyone is getting married and having kids and being all grown-up and responsible and what's up with that?
   We might have to completely embrace our Portland citizenship and build a tiny-house to take with us next year. The homemade Mai Tais topped with honey-lilikoi foam are worth it, believe you me.

 *photos via us IGers: bonifus/taryncutchin

{until next time}

P.S. Check out David James Visuals for a boatload of Ceago Vinegarden photos! Pun intended! 


{Bon Bon}


Ashley said...

It's my lellow one!!!! No, no, no baby!! You need to shaaaare.

Kira said...

What a beautiful spot. And do all Barnes and Nobles have a train table?

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