Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Nailed It

My Grandmother signed me up for art lessons when I was 10 years old. 
The constant pen to paper-napkin-scrap-wall-skin-anything doodling during my first decade of life, was perhaps alluding to some deeper prodigious talent churning within. 

By the time class #3 rolled around, I was over it. 
Too many rules and still-life fruit bowls. 

 I packed up my charcoals and pastels for another day. 
A day when something chained inside has to be set free, with depth and light and a few of those other silly rules. Maybe one or two.  Staying in the lines, or something.

That artist mentality is still going strong to this day,
scattered within the drawers of watercolors and chalk or
simply peeking through a colorful  Jackson Pollock smattering of nail polish. 

   {white, lavender, coral, and mint}

What is art looking like in your life these days?


{Bon Bon}



Leigh said...

How have I never seen your wedding rings before?! I love how you have them stacked! Any significance?!

Elizabeth Benfield said...

love your nails!

right now, my art looks like a nursery which is a blank canvas right now :)

Marlena said...

my art is a few stick figures doodled on my notepad at work haha, they look pretty brilliant. and love those nails! that's such a cute idea

Nicole said...

Running. Wait, is running art?! Because it's about the most artsy thing I'm capable of doing - which demonstrates my lack of creativity :)

Katie @ My Darling Days said...

My art lately is rearranging colored paper clips at work in their little magnetic holder thingy. Such an exciting life I live. :) You though, you've got pretty nails and long fingers to match those long, gorgeous legs of yours... lucky duck!

Young and Fabulous said...

love this bon bon! i couldnt get into art either back in the day during schools and such. I felt soooo lame for not being able to draw a pretty sky like my classmates haha

those nails are SERIOUSLY KILLER. I love those! you so ahh-tistic!


Rachael said...

Whoa! That's so amazing! Everything you make is so gorgeous (photography, nails, babies...)

Jessica W said...

I love the feeling when you get into art again after such a long time.
Lovely post, made me smile :P x

The Lovelorn

Jessica [MOSCATO VILLA] said...

Nice! Art is looking like me trying my hand at calligraphy for future wedding invitations. It's hard.

J.Mill said...

Is the gold ring new? An heirloom?

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