Friday, June 21, 2013

SpotLight: Pretty & Cute

I may be half-Korean, but until my brief stint in Hawaii where my "Unni" (Big Sister) Jaeyoung took me under her wings, my basic knowledge was pretty much: 
Bulgogi=Good, Kimchi=Bad. 
Top Ramen=Really Good. 
You get the picture.

My recent visit to NYC and one particularly unforgettable night in Korea-town, once again opened my eyes (and tastebuds), to all the good that arises from the East. 

Lots of good. 

Especially, the Beauty products!!!!
You thought Sephora was bad, until you see a rainbow of lipgloss tubes with BUNNY EARS! 

If you follow my Instagram feed, you know that I entered through Heaven's gates yesterday. 
Hello Kitty angels, floated down from the sky, plunking melodies on golden harps upon clouds of BB Cream...

Fortunately, beauty extraordinaire Ruth helped bring me back down to earth and pick out some fun new products to try, (after I yelled, "It's so FLUFFFFFY!" and drooled all over the floor at Pretty & Cute's newly located flagship store). 

I'm pretty sure this is where princesses buy their makeup.

Girl's day, anyone? 

{Bribing the Bean with Curious George and a donut from Starbucks only lasted so long)  


{Bon Bon}


Pretty & Cute offers row after row of pretty packaging, trends, and technology from Korea, Japan, and Taiwan's most prestigious brands, at an affordable price. 
Check out their online store {here}, or visit them in Portland {here}

not a sponsored post. all opinions are my own. 
Products Bought: Missha M Perfect BB Cream/Etude House Royal Jelly Mask Sheet


Jessica Holly said...

so fun. Looks amazing!!!

Rhiannon Lorenzo said...

so cute and fun!

brooke lyn said...

sign me up for the girls day!

Cara Howard said...

OMGGGG!!! I've been DYING for some adorable Korean products!!! I wonder if you could pick me up some and mail them to me and I could pay you back!!! SO PERFECT!!!

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