Saturday, June 8, 2013


"And here fantastic fishes duskly float,

Using the calm for waters, while their fires
Throb out quick rhythms along the shallow air."
^^^elizabeth browning gets it right^^^

I have somewhat of a frenetic energy about me. When an idea pops into my head, things tend to get a bit Ludacris "Get Out the Way"-ish, especially if it involves the "Let's Clean the House at 10pm" idea, (or the recent, "Let's Make a Homemade Alphabet Book with Watercolors at 10pm). Why is it always 10pm? And why does the alphabet have so many letters? 
Daniel usually huddles in a corner, clutching his Bible until the whirlwind of Clorox wipes and Daft Punk on Pandora has passed by. 

Accomplishing anything can quickly become equally annoying/exhilerating, for an equally complicated procrastination/motivation walking contradiction of a person such as myself. 
When the Go-Do-Now thoughts are on repeat, I remember one particularly frenzied morning of late. 
Long story short, it involved THREE pieces of burnt toast and an entire jar of salsa splattered on the kitchen walls. 

If you burn multiple pieces of Dave's Killer Bread, you know the universe is telling you to s l o w d o w w w w w w n. 

Thankfully, these hazy June afternoons are providing plenty of moments to do just that. 
Of course, "Plenty" = 1-3 hrs. while Bean is napping. "Moments"= wolfing down a sandwich, flipping through marie claire, and sketching/writing/coffee-ing/doing. 

Or couch potato-ing. 

That's always a solid choice. 


{P.S. How do you Unwind best so you can be a better YOU?}


{Bon Bon}


LaynahRose said...

I'm sorry, I could hardly focus on anything you wrote because that watercolor alphabet book is just simply amazing. I LOVE it. Like, how much would you charge for it? Haha.

Angela said...

Love that book! So talented girl! When I want to unwind I usually plop on the couch and watch some trashy television... :)

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Kira said...

Your alphabet book is such a sweet idea. I often get ideas of projects I want to accomplish in my head too. Then when I have any free time I end up working on my project instead of cleaning the house, grocery shopping, or doing any of the things I probably should be doing instead.

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Stephanie said...

I was distracted by your lovely drawings and could barely focus on what you wrote! Though I did see burnt toast, a specialty of mine. :) You need to reprint that alphabet book and start selling it on etsy.

Anonymous said...

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brooke lyn said...

sometimes the best way for me to unwind is to clean. kind of random i know, but if my house is a disaster i feel like the rest of my life is a disaster, obviously need good music while i'm cleaning, too!

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