Monday, August 26, 2013

DIY: Letter Marquee Tutorial

Yesterday I raked leaves. LEAVES. Totally in denial right now about the whole impending Fall tree leaf thing. Then I remind myself that September doesn't mean "school" anymore for me. Scarves, boots, and pumpkin spiced lattes. I can do that! And thankfully, we just spent a glorious week in California so my tan should hopefully last through the darkest months of grey Oregon weather. 
Oh, and hey. I haven't blogged in forever. Too many excuses: house projects, vacations, Bean ripped the left arrow key off of my macbook again, and just plain ol' procrastinating. Enough of the disclaimer. 

Here's a fun project I just finished up. And when I say "I" really, I mean "DANIEL." After three years of marriage, we have finally come to terms with how things work around here. Bon Bon creatively schemes up these grandiose plans, gathers the supplies in a frenzied whirlwind, annnnnd then mid-way through either gets bored or realizes that she's trying to build the Taj Mahal. Daniel is her superhero Engineer. Marriage!  

P.S. This project is not difficult at all. I was doing two project at once and getting a little anxious, per usual. 


12" Paper Mache Letters {JoAnn Fabrics}
Spray Paint {KRYLON in Pimento}
X-ACTO Knife/Cutting Board
Globe String Lights, about 10 bulbs per letter {RE brand from Target} 

Use your X-ACTO knife to cut the tops off each letter. After you make your first cuts along the seams, you will be able to tear strips easily along the perforations. Remove the cardboard supports inside/throw away excess cardboard. 

Next, flip your letters upside down and mark where your bulb placement with x's using the sharp side of your x-acto knife. Then punch holes with the dull side of your knife. 

When that is done, you can spray paint the front of your letters. About three coats should do the trick! 

While your letters are drying, unscrew the globe light bulbs from the string. Be gentle, those babies are fragile! 

Once the paint is dry, take your light strings and begin plugging into each hole. Remember, you'll have to go in reverse order and start/end each letter at the bottom. Depending on which letter is 1st/outlet placement, double check before you start! You don't want to run out of lights and have to start over.  

TIP: To hide those pesky wires, we taped them down. Takes a little more time, but makes your marquee look more awesome. 
More awesome is always a good idea with DIY projects. 

Finally, flip those ABC's over, screw in the bulbs, and plug it in! 

Enjoy the glow!

FUN FACTS: Urban Outfitter sells Marquee Alphabet Letters for $189 each! uhhhhhhhh. 
RE Globe lights were by far the best deal out there. They are a hot seasonal item, so most stores will rarely have them in stock. Order online and save yourself some time! 


{Bon Bon}


The Yarbrough's said...

Very cool!! Love it!!

Jessica Holly said...

This is so fun!!!

Alex said...


Allie said...

This is so cool!! I wish this would work somewhere in my house!

Naomi Peffer said...

Seriously in love with this project! Good job Bon (and Daniel)

Patterned Love

Leah said...

im doing this. thank you!

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