Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Lake House: California 2013

{Clear Lake, 2013}

|A week spent in the Golden State taught me these valuable life lessons| 

1. In-N-Out fries are gross. 
2. Whoever invented the union of Starbucks with a Barnes & Noble and a children's section WITH a Thomas the Train table is a genius. Best pit stop ever on our 9 hour road trip. 
2. World War Z the movie and World War Z the book are two entirely different things. 
3. Sleeping with a 21 month old in your bed is like snuggling an anaconda. Not good.
4. Homemade cocktails every night will ruin you for ordinary life when you return home. 
5. Corn Hole is the funnest game with the weirdest name. 


{Bon Bon}


Megan said...

I am just loving these pics, they are so happy and full of life! Especially the one with you guys in front of the window, it speaks chapters about your relationship!

brittany said...

these photos aaaaare heavenly! and corn hole, right? who came up with that name!!

Alex said...

I want to go to there. Take me with you.

brooke lyn said...

people also call corn hole bags, which i find to be even more weird.

Rachel Lynn said...

First, your statement that In-N-Out fries are gross is false. You must have just got a bad batch.

Second, so jealous of all that green and water!!

Third, your little fam is adorable :)

Lea said...

What a BEAUTIFUL lake house! Clear Lake is only about an hour away from us & we have yet to go there. Looks like we are missing out!

Your hubby & his siblings look SO much alike!

Jessica Kiger said...

I used to think that about in n out fries. They are an acquired taste.

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