Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Out with Old & In with New

And just like that, the world has embraced September and Oregon has (maybe) decided on a climate. We've been in the shorts-tank top-flip flop uniform for so long, I forgot how many layers it takes to warm up my limbs at 6AM and 57 degrees. 

The past few days have been a transition from iced coffee to steamy chai, usually followed by an even steamier coffee, because, 6AM. Enough said.  
(We went from 90 to 50 in a week. Goosebumps! Plus, I had a weird virus fever thing. Super goosebumps!) 

Man. Sweatin' it out in a bikini at the lake house was my last blog post, and here I'm nuzzled on the couch wrapped in as many wool-ish things as I can find. Note to self: Find the missing North Face fleece asap. It somehow ended up in the Land of Missing Socks and Puzzle Pieces. 

Speaking of clothes, our closets have been organized and switched into Fall/Winter mode. There is a lot of flannel, earth colors, faux fur, and the occasional syndicated cartoon character.  

This is my official hello to Fall. (and my tiny hola to Blogspot)


{Bon Bon} 


Discovery Street said...

i need to do this...for both of our closets!

Jesse said...

i'm excited for all the fall clothes, but i just want to stop my daily tights-no-tights debate each morning.

brooke lyn said...

i got sick as soon as the weather changed too. not cool.

Lea said...

our family got sick as soon as the weather changed too. -_- boo. BUT, I LOVE FALL! It's still pretty nice down here in the SF Bay Area though, but I've already busted out my boots & sweaters. :)

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