Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Bauman Farms

   Like most of the general public, (general public=on Instagram or in Oregon), we went to the pumpkin patch this past weekend. Not just any pumpkin patch though. THE patch of all patches, (p of all p's=Bauman Farms), basically: Oregon Disneyland.

   Want to know how distractingly fun Oregon Disneyland (Bauman Farms) was?
   We didn't even buy a pumpkin. 
(Unsolved mystery: Does the patch of all patches have the pumpkin of all pumpkins?)

   The baby farm animals, apple tasting, apple cider donuts, apple cider, apple slingshot, apple cannon, did I mention APPLES, bug train, swings, tractors, mazes, and slides, pleasantly distracted us all morning long. (Grabbed a $.48 pumpkin at the grocery store afterwards, because, I'm a consumer who can't let it be October without an orange squash rotting in my house).

   All of us were hot, sticky, sugar glazed, and tired as we made our way back to the car. Just in time to see an enormous crane hoist up two gigantic pumpkins, release to the crowd's 3-2-1 countdown, and smash down through the roof of a beat-up van target.

   Three days later, and the Bean is still talking about it.
"The crane! The pumpkin! And the car! Ka-boooooom!"

   (If he needs therapy later in life for an irrational fear of either cranes, pumpkins, or cars, we know why)

Happy October Traditions! 'Merica!


{Bon Bon}


Niken said...

we don't have fall season or halloween here in indonesia. i love fall, and i miss a hay ride. this place looks fun! maybe i should do fall decoration, though it's always summer in bali. hhaa

Bon Bon said...

@Niken: ahhh, bummer! One year I went from Oregon summer to Hawaii to Africa, and back to Oregon summer and it was the weirdest! This PNW-er is so not used to constant sunshine and warmth. I need grey and cold and seasons! But, hey, you're in Bali. PARADISE!? good trade-off for the whole no season thing:-) xoxo

Jessica Holly said...

perfection. I need those baby goats!

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