Wednesday, October 23, 2013

An Oregon October

Every once in awhile I forget why Oregon has such a vice grip over my soul. Usually on days when the cold and drizzle and cabin fever have set in, because I have fair-weather fan tendencies of discontentment, (currently applying to my Fantasy Football team as well), and the complaining begins. 

Note to self: When the complaining begins, read this. And the Bible. That's probably a better choice. 

Ok, picture it. The summer heat wave is fading and that inevitable bitingly crisp air rolls through. For a moment it's panic mode. Not the "it's snowing!" level of panic mode on the Oregonian scale, but close. We light candles. Make soup. Dig out the wools socks and beep up the thermostat arrow. Up up up. 
And it's ok. This is what happens. The army boot/legging/chambray combo is always a good choice, especially in Portland. Plus, Trader Joes begins stockpiling pumpkin flavored everything on all the shelves.  From October-December I'm habitually flipping pumpkin spice pancakes on the stove at least twice a week in a programed consumerism daze.  

Then one morning, instead of a dim 8am light alarm through the bedroom window it's full on sun power beams. 2pm light at 8am. Enough to take the edge off the lack of coffee in the house. Almost. 
Feels like Summer and looks like Fall. 

There's fire-colored leaves scattering our walk into town for that "almost not needed, but who are we kidding as parents of a two year old, we totally need"  caffeine 
and even a couple minutes to splash tiny toes in the freeeeeeezing river. 

We just might never leave. 


P.S. Do you Love where you Live? 


{Bon Bon}


Miwa said...

Beautiful photos! Oregon looks like such an amazing place. I've never been, but it looks well worth the visit!

I live in Japan right now, and although I miss the colors of fall in Connecticut (where I grew up), fall here isn't so bad either. Maybe I'm just a sucker for this season ;)

Jane {In the Pink and Green} said...

I have been LOVING the weather lately, and I have been told that this is very unseasonable for October, I am enjoying it and trying to soak it up while it lasts! The only bad part is of course my parents came to visit that last weekend in September when we had that terrible storm--it's literally been beautiful everyday since they left! Oh well...but yeah, so far this Oregon stuff is pretty great :)

J.Mill said...

I love your writing.

And I do love where I live.

I am in Chicago, but just got back from Seattle. It was HARD to go from the 50 degree weather near the coast to 30 degree weather and the first snowfall! Gah!

brooke lyn said...

i don't want fall in oregon to ever leave.

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