Thursday, November 7, 2013

PNW Blogger Holiday Party Recap

{Spot the Bon Bon! "People talking in action" photo via {The Content Owl} because even after three years of blogging I still only remember to snap one photo} 


   When Chelsey {The Paper Mama} announced the opening of ticket sales to the Fall PNW Blogger Holiday Party, I have to admit, my PayPal account kind of snagged it on a whim. Make that on a whim WHAM. Ok. That was bad. The party though? Was good. Bordering on almost great. 
I didn't win the big door prize and stepped on some gum on the sidewalk and geez I'm totally kidding, it was great. Since my last blogger meetup "officielle" was way back {here}, it was time to put my big girl pants back on. 

   There were a bunch of people at the venue, maybe 50? 80? I have awful depth perception and crowd estimating skills, (my "guess how many jelly beans in the jar" attempts over the years have been abysmal), so we'll say there were definitely more than 10 bloggers and less than 100. 

   Thankfully, a few of my real life aquaintances were already there when I arrived, which makes the whole other side of social networking in this day and age a little less awkward. 
You know that whole other side, the "I know what you ate for breakfast because it was on Instagram this morning. Hi! Nice to meet you!"{Everyone I did meet though, whether more or less awkwardly, it was a real pleasure!}

    Speaking of breakfast, thanks to our fabulous hosts and sponsors, we grazed on quite the spread. Thirty minutes in, I was sipping on a mimosa and feeling juuuuust fiiiine. 

   {Union/Pine} was buzzing from 10am-1pm, I won a gift card to {Water Avenue}, and then floated away with a serious swag bag stuffed with goodies from {here} {here} {here} oh and {here} annnnnd more.  

   The craft table kept calling out to me, beckoning a siren's song of paper flowers and handmade ornaments, but everyone was just being too nice to talk to! Definitely stuffed a few leftover supplies in my purse for later, {thanks to my blast-of-the-past friend Bekah who was being a Fabric Depot rockstar ambassador!}

   I wish all of my rash life decisions would turn out this fun. 

   Thanks again to {Chelsey}, {Heather}, and {Jenni} for such a great event. It's always inspiring to connect with other women, (oh and guys! I know there were at least two guys there?), who understand the whole blog community thingamajig and warmly embrace my teeny tiny part in it. 

   P.S. I was the super tall dark haired person in polka dot pants. Were you there?


{Bon Bon}

Also, special thanks to the event sponsors 


Jane {In the Pink and Green} said...

This looked like so much fun--sad I missed it! I went to the Portland Bloggers Holiday Mingle last month, which was a lot of fun! I agree that it's awesome (although sometimes a little awkward) to meet bloggers in person. Like when you randomly come up to them at church. Ha.


Bon Bon said...

@Jane: I was bummed you weren't there! haha. Randomly meeting at church just makes You the best and Me the worst. I'm always so unaware in my surroundings. My grandmother could be there and I'd totally miss noticing her:-) Just kidding, Grandma. (She reads this:-) xoxo

Erika Lee @ A Tiny Rocket said...

YAH!!! it was so great meeting you and it's so crazy to meet people on the internet then IRL. Hopefully we will bump into each other again? :)

Shelley Smucker said...

Boo! I remember seeing you at the party and I'm so sad I didn't meet you. I got lured into the craft table and should've spent more time mingling.:) I must say...I LOVE the blog, and I'm so glad I found you. Cheers to stay-at-home moms, natural childbirth, and being creeped out by spiders any ol' time of the year. Hopefully we'll get a chance to meet someday!

Leah said...

Thanks for the photo cred! So weird we have a friend in common too. Hopefully we will get to chat for reals at the next meetup :)

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