Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Favorites

There are just too many pretty and interesting things in the world these days. This week's "Friday Favorites" is focusing on: Jewelry. Sub-category:"Pretty Little Things." How about a smorgasbord of happy objects? trinkets? gadgets, gizmos a-plenty, whozits, and whatzits want thingamabobs? I've got twenty! but who cares. no big deal. i...want...moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

That was me singing to you. Don't even worry about it. I just got a little too excited and channeled my inner-Ariel. it happens. especially whenever you're swimming somewhere with a rock or a ledge to hoist upon, you know the scene. don't judge.
Ok. Back to the good stuff. Here are a few lovelies and here's to hoping you feel inspired, intrigued, and plain ol' elated. break out in your own song perhaps.

(this rose cut/golden brown/diamond ring of love)

(ok, definitely wishing on this one. it's so sparkly and dainty)

(grabbing my best friend now and splitting these lovelies)

(I've been meaning to jump on the boyfriend watch bandwagon. Here is an option done in a soft feminine hue)

(speaking of "The Little Mermaid": this was fate stumbling upon the Disney Couture line. You can have your very own Ariel-inspired freshwater pearl cocktail ring like this beauty)

(love how dangly and wispy these are)

(would love this paired with a plain white tank)

(a mixture of different elements: metal and leather in a softer style like this bracelet)

(dainty rings are my weakness. Daniel did fantastic with the ones on my left how can I get this one on my right?)

(the ultimate pretty little things: bows and pearls make up these sweet earrings)

{to all the above: heart flutter}



Chelsea Coleen said...

i want all of this. like yesterday.

Cook said...

i want all of this. like yesterday.

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