Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Most Current Version of Myself

Name: Bonnie Anne

Nickname(s): Bon Bon, Peep, WIFE

Age: 22

Current Occupation: Housewife circa 1950s. I make a mean meatloaf, not gonna lie. Cook-Clean-Shop. All that's missing is the kids, (but I'm babysitting other people's children...so, makes up for my lack thereof).

Near Future Reality: Finding a job and figuring out this adventure of life with my husband. daily.

Dreams As of This Moment: Weekend trip(s) to Vegas and Seattle. Week-ish trips to New York and Kona. Adopting a puppy like this fluff-ball of love
from Family Dogs New Life Shelter. just a few little things.

Highly Improbable Dream: When I take my aforementioned trip to New York, and after I've successfully hailed my cab merely by stepping onto the sidewalk like in the movies, I will enter the car to be greeted by Ben Bailey, music, and flashing lights. Cash Cab. And yes, I would throw down. Go double or nothing.

Current Music Obsession: Christmas. my guilty confession. I had a moment of weakness on Pandora the other day. Definitely music. cheating on November right now.

Recent Movie: Theater: Megamind (verdict: cute) and Netflix: Our Lips are Sealed via Mary Kate and Ashley Olson (verdict: my 9 year old cousin spent the night). We are waiting for "Crash" to arrive in the mail. Worth the watch?

Current Life Philosophy: Life is too short to tiptoe around, being careful not to step on too many toes along the way. I've found that I'm more of a stomping/splashing/squishing person. (translation for those of you who don't speak "bonnie": There is beauty and joy found once you are honest and vulnerable in the world and with the world).

oh happy day to you

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