Thursday, March 1, 2012

March 19th

the month of march is many things to me.

*spring break.
*st. patrick's day.
*10% chance the sun will make an occasional appearance.
*90% chance the march showers will make way for the april showers, which will bring...may showers and so on and so forth, until the sun finally makes an appearance in mid-july and we celebrate by attending about 30 weddings smashed in between then and august.
*seven birthdays in my family circle
*three birthdays in my friend circle

and one birthday all for me me me.

well, me and Amy O.
everyone has a birthday twin or two or 5 million.
mine happened to be in my town. at my school. in my class.
the nerve.
we had a joint birthday party in the 4th grade at Skate World.
stuffed our faces with pepperoni pizza and buttercream frosting.
soared 'round and 'round that smooth oval shaped rink,
flapping our arms to the chicken dance.
the faint smell of hot dogs intertwined with sweaty socks wafting through the air.

the party,
was great.

the whole sharing the spotlight thing...

who am i kidding.

this birthday bird was meant to fly.

the smell of sweaty hot dog socks was not faint.


but, if those perfectly minty friendship bracelets were to appear under my birthday tree all happenstance and like,
I would share.
I could do that.

Daniel, are you taking notes?
yes. I said birthday tree.


{Bon Bon}


meme-and-he said...

yeesh! sounds like you have a lot of celebrations in the next few months! partay!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Sounds like it's going to be fabulous!

simply megan. said...

yayyyy for march and yayyyy for birthdays..after all they do makes everything wonderful :))

Kira said...

I really hope Daniel has a birthday tree waiting for you this month. With those bracelets of course.

Kristen said...

a birthday tree sounds delightful! march is a big birthday month around these parts too!

lucia m said...

love it!!!

christine donee said...


WHY did I never think of this before??

heelsontheclouds said...

love this post!

Ashley said...

Happy to have stumbled upon your lovely blog! What a sweet, sweet munchkin you have!

Holly said...

I don't have a birthday twin, but my best friend is 8 days younger than I am, which is good amount of space, I think. :)

Also, a birthday tree sounds like an amazing idea. I want one. :O

Sabrina Says said...

Ummm.. .So I looked. and they don't offer it in mint!! WHAT?!

Hmmm... Well shoot.

What day is your bday? I would like to know so I can show up on your doorstep. k? Thanks!

Sabrina Says

Megan said...

Dang, March will be busy busy for y'all!! Can't wait to celebrate your birthday through blog world!

Anna said...

SERIOUSLY love the birthday tree idea! haha, can't wait to see how you celebrate!

Erin said...

My birthday is this month too. And my aunt is my birthday twin. And my mom's bday is a few days later. And my uncle's bday is the day after my mom's. And there are couple cousins in there too. And my mother-in-law. And...

Yeah. It's hard to fly solo in March. haha Great post!

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