Thursday, March 28, 2013

Renaissance Woman

{the she & him finished products of a watercolor morning with the Bean}

Someday in the future, hopefully in the far far eighty plus years far away future, my iPad tombstone will read..."Herein lies Bon Bon. She had enviable wavy textured hair and the gift of dabble."

{and a morbid sense of humor} 

Music. Art. Writing. Cooking. Dreaming. Mixology. Decorating. Styling. Athletics. Linguistics. Speed Reading. Sewing. Paper Mache Puppetry. Creating. Doing numerous Its by Yourself. 
Basically, everything from Butcher to Baker to Candlestick Maker and beyond.

{The term "butcher" is loosely being used here, due to an unfortunate incident involving a suicidal deer on HWY 212 back in the summer of 2010}

My real hobby is collecting hobbies.
Which is a cutesy roundabout way of saying: I like to quit things.

Once something gets too mundane or easy or boring or unnatural or hard or frustrating, I huff and puff my way off the mountain. {My last ski lesson was in 2001)

So, in honor of now being one of the Bean's "practice what you preach" role-models, and in homage to my collection of Giga Pets in the 4th grade that I starved off because they kept beeping me awake during the night, I am committing myself to a Renaissance Year! A year of trying, re-trying, and most importantly, finishing whatever I start.
{I'm specifically talking to the four books on my nightstand, a ukulele I ordered from Amazon, two baskets of clothes waiting to be folded since last last laaaast Friday, and season 3 of Downton Abbey). 

No more sulking by the ski lodge fireplaces of life for me! 

I'm going to open that unused bag of jewelry making supplies, dust off the out of tune banjo, sew something more substantial than a pillowcase, and re-watch "The Joy of Painting" episodes.

Maybe, first, I'll learn how to roast coffee beans. 
I'm gonna need it. 

I would also like to point out that the Bean beeped me awake for nine months straight and he's still here in one piece, so obviously progress has already been made. 

Keeping a plant alive is another story. 


{Bon Bon}



Jessica Holly said...

You've inspired me to take out the paint brushes again!

Michaela said...

Hahah!!! love it. You are awesome at dabbling! And these are beauties!

Madeline Grace said...

I have the same problem with hobbies! Completing them was my biggest goal for this year!

blsmith6 said...

'Which is a cutesy roundabout way of saying: I like to quit things.' --preachin' to the choir! this made me laugh because i can totally relate.

Allie said...

I would totally hang that on my wall! I am the same way about hobbies. Taught myself how to knit, made a scarf and now I don't know if I ever want to knit again! (And that's just one example...) haha

Becca said...

Glad I'm not the only one! I've got 2 books that I'm currently in the middle of (and have been since Christmas), partially sewn old-t-shirt-turned-baby-leggings(they didn't turn out how I wanted and now I'm pouty and don't want to pick them up again) and I'm really not sure if I have actually washed my floors yet this year. They. Are. Disgusting. We can do this! I'm going to start with switching the laundry...

PS: nice dabbling.

Jane {In the Pink and Green} said...

I LOVED this post, because I am the same way! There are so many fun hobbies out there, but I have a tough time committing (hence the closet full of craft supplies I've bought for various projects that I never quite got around to) so I'm glad to know I'm not the only one! Posts like this are why I love your blog :)

Kira said...

I'm the same way. I have so many art supplies and haven't used them since college. I took like a 3 year break from sewing before I was interested in doing it again. After 3 guitar lessons, I never tried again.

Tallia said...

haha i like how you say thatyou like collecting hobbies! I think most people do

Benlovesting said...

Happy Easter!

Jenna S said...

that had me laughing out loud! I have faith you can accomplish all those things :)

Jessie said...

Wow, you have a talent for writing! These posts are hilarious and honest and everything I can relate to.

I feel the same way. I can kill a cactus, but my son is nearly three! Go me!

Chlöe Hughes said...

i just died why is your blog so hot
mines pretty new like 2 weeks ahah would you possibly mind looking at it?? :) XXXX

brittany said...

oh my gosh. i am a hobby collector, too! i just haaaave to know a little bit about everything... aka... i dabble. oh but let's just call it well-rounded!

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