Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sometimes We Have Normal Weekends. Ha.

Nothing too exciting to report on from this past weekend. 
Besides chopping off half of my hair, 
finding a nest of freshly hatched squeaky naked mole rats, I mean, baby birds, 
and our neighbor thinking we were setting up a meth lab.* 

Nope. Nothing exciting at all. 

How was your Friday to Sunday? 

ho hum or hoorah?


{Bon Bon}


*Basically, our fireman neighbor has been watching a bit too much "Breaking Bad" and thought my husband and father-in-law had spent the entire day setting up a drug business, (drug business? I don't even know the correct terminology?), instead of, you know, just installing new insulation in our attic. 
Top 10 funniest moments in history right there. 


danielle riebel said...

I have the same problem as your neighbor, except everyone is a serial killer because Criminal Minds.

Stephanie Court said...

I love your hair! I want to do a similar medium-length chop on mine but I'm thinking I'll wait until after the wedding.

Dexter made me think everyone around me is a secret murderer so I totally get your neighbor's Breaking Bad paranoia. :)

Alexis Kaye said...

I haven't stopped by here for awhile (life has been crazy since having my baby girl!) and I cannot believe that's your son! He's so grown up!!!!!!

brooke lyn said...

love the new hairdid!

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