Tuesday, April 30, 2013


{I'm 17 months old, yeahyeahyeah!}

I must've blinked my eyes a few too many times since the Bean was born, because holy H-E Double Hockey Sticks this guy is like a real live person now, complete with thoughts, feelings, colloquialisms, and a train collection and everything! 

My lima bean is sprouting into a green bean, whomp whomp. BUT I am totally 92% ok with it. Really. 
Green beans (toddlers) are waaaaaaay better than lima beans (babies).* 
Besides the 24-7 lima bean snuggling, of course, because nothing is better than that.

Luckily, Mr. Grownup Green Bean still is quite snuggly and still is very much so the finders-keepers of Mama, (so, I guess we'll keep him. sheesh),
meaning, he loves me, and needs me, and must have me RIGHT NOW, and I'm the greatest thing since sliced bread, (Daniel is a very close 2nd, perhaps the greatest thing since sliced gluten free bread).

And he loves sliced bread, sure does. Especially with peanut butter.

He also loves dancing, yelling, whole milk, Mickey Mouse, anything with wheels, brushing his teeth, eating crayons, bubble baths, and the word "no," amongst many other things.

Another favorite pastime continues to be telling other children that they are being "doo woud!" aka "too loud!" (Even though he's being loud. We're trying to teach him what "irony" is. Also, "please" and "thank you")

17 Months going on 87! 

That's our Josiah "Bean" James. 


{Bon Bon} 

*In vegetable and human theories. I DO love love LOVE babies. Don't get me wrong. But within that seemingly endless vortex of diapers and feedings from age 0-9months, when they must've sold 1/2 of your brain to the black market while you were in the hospital, and every day it's Mission Impossible: Operation Shower...and we had an easy baby! 

And then you think maybe, just maybe, that was a tiny smile. Yes. That was the 1st one. He actually knows me? He knows me! He thinks I'm funny! 
He LOVES me. 
Right? Baby? 
Hey, eyes up here. 

On the other hand, babies sleep all the time and coo softly in their strollers, instead of dumping applesauce all over your head and leaping out of their cart in the middle of World Market.  

Just embrace the moment. Whatever moment. Whatever time. 

It'll eventually make for some great wedding slideshow blackmail.  


Justina L said...

Your writing is honestly too great for words. Loved this post so much!

brooke lyn said...

your little green bean is just too cute! love this.

Rachel @ MyWholesomeHome said...

"It'll eventually make for some great wedding slideshow blackmail."

Best sentence ever in description of children's activities and exploits. Just saying.

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