Monday, April 15, 2013

The Usual & Unusual Weekend

Check out our last visit to the zoo {here}

This weekend we did the usual: Eat! 

Both, I repeat, both locations of Salt & Straw were conquered. 
Shut.It.Down. We ate it all. 
Vanilla & Almond Brittle & Chocolate Brownie & smidges of Olive Oil, Thai Iced Tea, Chai, and Kombucha flavors.  

That, my friends, is the epitome of a good weekend. 
And the whole waiting outside-in-the-rain for an ice cream cone is the epitome of a TRUE Oregonian weekend. 

We also did something out of the usual: Celebrated a pachyderm's 51st birthday! 
Free raspberry cake and elephant ear party favors. 
The entire zoo was celebrating. 

Especially the Ménage à trois going on in the giraffe exhibit. 

We will never look at Sophie the same way again...

Hope your weekend was full of light and life and goodness and only rated PG-13. or so.  


Bon Bon


Allie said...

I absolutely love the zoo. It's the perfect spring day outing. :) And you are hilarious, per usual.

Jessica Holly said...

The quality of my weekends almost solely depends on the caliber of food consumed as well. Kindred spirits?

Megan Lane said...

I can't wait to go back to Salt & Straw!! :D

blsmith6 said...

lurve me some salt & straw. must good soon :)

Rachel Lynn said...

Aw, I miss the Oregon Zoo and icecream in the rain. Lovely pics Bon!

Anonymous said...

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Eat Live Love said...

how fun! i havent been to the zoo in forever! lovely photos!

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