Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I Don't Like to Match

Underneath it all, if you get right down to the nitty gritty inner magma encrusted core of who I am, there you'll find that of an old soul. An old nerdy soul. 

Not quite on the Magic: The Gathering level of nerdery. Yet. 
With my past RuneScape account, my present devotion to "A Song of Ice and Fire," and my future LARPing ambitions, well, "yet" is teetering dangerously close. 

Don't be fooled by anything you ever see on this blog or instagram or any other social life facade. 

I used to read the Encyclopedia. For FUN! 

And I also have had ridiculous cartoon crushes on both Captain Planet and Archie Andrews.

You guys, "cool" is not my middle name. 
{It's "Anne." With an "E!"}*

And that's why the window-seat reading nook is one of my favorite spots in our house. 


Hopefully we can still be friends?! 
Also, what's the nerdiest thing about you?



{Bon Bon}

*P.S. The "Anne of Green Gables" series is one of my all-time favorite things this world has to offer, but have you ever read the "Emily of New Moon" series by the same author, (L.M Montgomery)? They are waaaaaaay darker, more real and less feel-good fluffy and for some reason, I love them over ol' Anne. That must be the dramatic tortured soul in me talking. My favorite book in the 4th grade was "Dear Mr. Henshaw." So deep. 


danielle riebel said...

I'd kill for that reading nook!

As for me, I am a die-hard Potterhead. Gryffindor house for the win!

Niken said...

except you're a gorgeous good-looking nerd, we're pretty much the same. i loved to read encyclopedia for fun too. i could drown into the map of the world for hours. i love Anne of Green Gables too, along with HP and The Godfather. To Kill a Mockingbird is my all time fave. i'd definitely choose to stay at home rather than go to a bar. and i'm awkward in the most unexpected time. thanks myself to that. ha

Stephanie Court said...

That reading nook is awesome. I used to have a crush on Captain Planet, too, but I think the nerdiest thing about me is the fact that I'm 31 and currently re-reading the Harry Potter series for the 10th time. I know it so well I can point out the few inconsistencies in the series, like the fact that dragon blood is supposedly green according to book 5 yet in book 7 it's described as red. See? Nerd.

Jane {In the Pink and Green} said...

I love your reading nook, such a perfect spot to read! I am definitely nerdy and so is my husband--I'm a recruiter and the other day I had to complete this scenario for work where they wanted me to respond with maybe a paragraph regarding how I would handle a specific situation. After talking about it with my husband, we ended up getting out our giant whiteboard and putting together all these algebraic calculations regarding how to solve the problem--when I went to turn in the scenario it was 3 pages long with tons of formulas/numbers. I seriously can't help myself sometimes.

jackie said...

You don't like to match, but you do like to be hot, so it's a good middle ground.

Madeline Grace said...

Your reading nook is adorable!

I'm a huge nerd. Not only have I actually LARP'd before (do it, it's so much fun), I've been an performer at the Renaissance Festival and attend Dragon*Con for fun. I have a TARDIS, Crest of Hyrule, Stark Family Crest and the symbol of the Mandalorians on my car. It goes on and on. I'm also half way through Dance with Dragons and I can't wait for the next book!

Alex said...

Eff being cool. Being cool is for weenies. Nerdiness FTW!

brooke lyn said...

you can't forget the E! i hate it when people leave it off Brooke. UGH.

Ashley @TheCreamToMyCoffee said...

Yay for being a reading nerd! I have an always evolving list of books to read - I just finished my most recent and I need a new one. I'm going to have to check out the "Emily of New Moon" series - I love Anne of Green Gables! Thanks for the recommendation :)

Kira said...

Your reading nook is super cute. I think Pearl would be constantly tugging on me and saying "up" if I had one so I guess it's probably better that I don't :)

Kimberly Bonham said...

I love this picture! I have to still watch Anne of Green Gables. Never seen it!

steph nelsen said...

i am so right there with you on "a song of ice and fire" - great story and incredible writing. ah, the sentence structure...i'm in love.

Sabrina Mallah said...

I just love the nerdy side of you. That's what makes you so beautiful!

You don't konw OHOH You don't know you're beautiful!!

JK you probably know that. WELL YOU SHOULD!!!

Okay I'm rambling. I just think you are fabulous and lovely and nerdy-chic. Ya know?

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