Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Smells Good in Here

Ugghrhahalkdfaljgakhhgaeeeeeeergh, Bloggggggggging. 

Anyone else feel like this lately? {or every other month, or week, or day of the week}

Imagine the average kitchen stove, except this one has about 29 burners. All with various pots simmering, bubbling, overflowing, and scorching. 

Hi. I am that stove.
No, not one of those sleek, shiny, and fancy stainless steel ones. 
Think olive green, 1970s, spattered with marinara sauce. 

I'm a mess. Albeit, a cute mess.  

Stove Bon Bon Deluxe and her 29 burners of husband-son-family-friends-superfluous cookware set off the fire alarm quite often these days. 
Beeping through the smoky haze with a "Hey you, burners #1 (God Stuff) and #2 (Bon Bon Stuff) are turned down real low. Crank those babies up! 
Just don't forget the macaroni on high and light your oven mitt on fire again."

And that's what it boils down to. 
Contentment. Balance. Priorities. Sacredness. Fulfillment. Eternal. Joy. Life. 
Those are the dishes I want to serve best. 
However, the recipes are always a work in progress.
{Daniel and Josiah, the most faithful of taste testers} 

Thankful every day that Grace is the spice in my life. 



The past few days, I have eaten waaaaaaay to much banana pudding, solved the cold case of the missing Thomas the train, listened to the rain fall while reading a gloomy novel, purchased a meal for a homeless/hopeful man, and, just "was." In those moments, it was taste and see, everything is good. 

What are you guys cooking? 


{Bon Bon}


Rachel Lynn said...

There will olive garden copycat on my blog today. It's yummilicious. (and easy!)

I always love reading about your little family bon!

My Wholesome Home

brooke lyn said...

no such thing as too much banana pudding, ever!

Anonymous said...

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lauren jean allece said...

I'm pretty in love with everything about this post. Beautifully written and hitting deeply home for this little stovetop.

Thankful for grace upon grace upon grace ((and banana pudding)).

Anonymous said...

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Naomi Peffer said...

Seriously great post my friend!
Loved reading this.

Patterned Love

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