Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Topsy Turvy

It's Tuesday and I'm still recouping from yet another busy weekend! Hello laundry and cleaning day! The craziness that ensued. Friday, I was shopping with Em and getting her all glammed up for a romantic weekend with her hubby, then trying to get myself pulled together and heading to Salem for the MyFight benefit concert. They sell tshirts that YOU design, then in turn give microloans to people in third world countries. Significant steps to eradicate a huge poverty problem worldwide.

We may or may not have gone home that evening and played some SuperMario on Wii. Such a frustratingly funtastic game. Saturday, Daniel and I braved the crowds for some serious Christmas shopping, and then proceeded to buy one gift. Somehow we already had gifts for almost everyone in our family though, so we celebrated by making a pit stop at Auntie Anne's. Carbs and cheese. Need I say more?
And we hadn't had anything to eat since Friday, bad us, so we were definitely ready for dinner with some of Daniel's college friends at Rock Bottom Brewery. BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger for me, and the 2:00AM burger for him. (it involves hash browns, bacon, and an egg, oh my). We ended our evening with drinks at Oba, eating the most freshly-made -delicious guacamole ever, and catching up with a dear friend who lives in California now.


{miss. her.}

Sunday involved football, of course, and a Future of Forestry concert in the evening. It was the Advent Tour, so they played a bunch of Christmas songs with their own little twist. They love to hop around and play different instruments during songs, think MuteMath. Insanely talented.

Finally some sleep, and then another late night Monday in Salem with a goodbye dinner for some lovely family friends from South Africa.

Sorry all of that was a whirlwind to read. (Whirlwind/Tornado= no pun intended). It was a whirlwind to do! Such fun though. It's all about community and celebrating Jesus this month.


{Bon Bon}


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