Monday, January 3, 2011


Man oh man. Where has the time gone? December flew by. It always does, right? A completely chaotic and special time spent with family and friends though. Celebrating Christmas and it's true meaning. Back in the day, my family totally used to make a birthday cake for Jesus and have a little party.

Hey, we love Jesus and we love parties.
It worked well.

Especially as little kids when you can easily get caught up in the whole Santa/Reindeer/Toys R Us mayhem. Reading the Christmas story before opening presents, or, Heaven forbid, if Christmas fell on a Sunday and there was church...ahem...sometimes proved almost unbearable an ordeal to endure back in the day. It's funny how things change once you get a little older. My perspective and priorities for one. This year, I asked for only a few things that I needed. Oh, but I still wrote out a Christmas List for Daniel. He definitely spoiled me!

I have to laugh when I imagine him in Sephora buying this

and this

Then at the MAC counter purchasing this

He also picked out a silk kimono robe, fancy water bottle, tickets to the Guster concert, and lots of new hair accessories from Forever 21, ALL BY HIMSELF. What a man!

Our 1st Christmas as a married couple was definitely memorable. My parents went to New Mexico this year, so we had a Christmas with them before they left. Then we spent "real" Christmas with Daniel's family/extended family in Salem. Came home for a few days, then back to Salem for a few days to ring in the New Year. Basically, we've been celebrating birthdays/Christmas-es/surviving malls/wrapping presents/eating muchly/keeping our bags packed this entire month. Our calendar is already full for January too. Blazers games/Concert/Dinner parties/oh, and ANOTHER Christmas with extended family. Christmas #4, I believe?
Even with all of this buzzing around, we manage to find plenty of moments to rest and spend quality time together.
So, Hello to you, 2011! I am excited to live you!

Happy New Year!


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