Wednesday, January 26, 2011

a little bit of bon bon

1. I am half-Korean and half-German. In the summer I look Hawaiian. In Hawaii they thought I was local. In Africa they thought I was Spanish. It's a funny world.

2. I am 5'10." I usually wear flats. Sometimes I feel like being a pretend supermodel and I will strap on some heels. Then I tower above everyone and miss my normal life a little lower to the ground.

3. I did model. Back in the day. I was scouted at the mall by Mode Models, when I was 14, pigging out in the Candy Factory. Life is funny.

4. My favorite color is, and will always be, green. I remember picking it one day in the 1st grade, just to be different from all the girls choosing pink and purple. I've been loyal ever since.

5. I broke my pinkie in the 3rd grade while playing leap frog. I'm hardcore like that.

6. My best friend Emily and I have a complete book full of our inside jokes. The Mr. Thomnas and Luigi Jokebook. Our husbands were speechless when we introduced it to them.

7. Daniel and I met on a social outing that our fraternity/sorority houses had planned. Star-gazing trip. He drove. We talked. He sang a Josh Groban song in Spanish. The rest is history.

8. If you wake me up from a nap, I will be grumpy. This happens almost every Sunday afternoon during football season. Daniel gets a kick out of it.

9. My hair is naturally wavy and super thick. I once donated to locks of love, and I'm pretty sure 3 different people could have full heads of hair because of me! Thankfully, I won an amazingly expensive flat iron at a salon party, and my hair has finally been tamed.

10. I have been cooking since I was eleven years old. The first thing I ever made were egg and cheese breakfast burritos, recipe via my dad.

11. I am, and will always be, a daddy's girl. We have a special handshake and he calls me "sweetpea" and "his favorite little girl in the whole wide world."

12. A few years ago, I didn't wear any makeup for 3 months. It was glorious. One of the best true beauty lessons I've ever learned.

13. I am a Christian. Love God and love people. Far from perfect. Broken and been restored. I believe I live a life for something that transcends comprehension, overrules time, and forfeits never.

14. Someday I want to be somewhere in the world working with kids that are hurting and desperate for love. I got a taste of that when I lived in Rwanda.

15. A homeless man once told me, "Tyra Banks ain't got nothin' on you girl!"

16. In high school, my driver's ed. partner asked which pedal was for the gas and which was for the brake on the 1st night. Those nights were long. The freeway night especially. She didn't pass.

17. In college I played on a co-ed intramural volleyball team. We called ourselves "Notorious D.I.G."

18. Daniel and I call each other, "Peep." For 4 years now. Neither one of us can remember where it came from!

19. I put Cheetos in my PB&J and I dip my grilled cheese in ketchup. People say that's strange?

20. My earliest memory in life: When I was barely 3. I saw part of "The Little Mermaid" playing on the tv screen at Target while my mom was shopping. I couldn't sleep that night, afraid Ursula was going to steal my voice. So, the whole family bundled up and went to Costco in search for a Little Mermaid nightlight. I've had an over-active imagination ever since.

Well, there you have it. A tiny peek into who I am. Life is funny. I'm learning to live it fully and intentionally. There is magic even in the mundane.

Hope your Wednesday is lovely and lively!

P.S. Hi new friends! Can't wait to get to know you better.


{Bon Bon}


Jamie Walker said...

I love finding new blog friends! Yours is adorable. I would love if you wanted to submit a story! But I do know what you mean, I have way too many to choose from haha.

Design Elements said...

your blog has a wonderful name :-) lovely greetings

Megan said...

Ahhhhh, I loved this!! I really do feel like I know you better!! I am about 5'9 and I have always hated wearing heels, too! I used to go home and cry in middle school because I was taller than everybody!!

How cute that y'all call each other peep! I like it! I always call my hubby "bunny." Not sure how that started either....and I'm pretty sure he must hate it. Haha!

TB said...

I'm always grumpy when anyone wakes me up. Middle of the night? Fugetaboutit. Usually, there is cussing and hitting involved. I worried when I had a kid that I would do the same to him when he woke me up in the middle of the night, but luckily he's been spared.

Yesterday morning, The Hubby told me that he tried to "put the moves" on me three times the night before, but I just yelled at him and rolled over each time. I have no recollection of this, but, hey, he should be used to it by now. Don't mess with a woman's beauty rest!

kira said...

Your blog is too cute!

I'm also 5'10.

We have co-ed volleyball at work. My team is called the Kitten Wranglers. It makes no sense, but our t-shirts are really cute.

Yay for other Portland bloggers and the Trail Blazers!


Leigh said...

Such a fun blog! Definitely not weird to dip your grilled cheese in ketchup...that's the only way to eat it! Want to share some height with me? I'd like to see what it would be like to be tall for a day. (I'm only 5'1)

Bethany said...

Love it (especially # 13). Fun getting to know a new blog friend! :)

Anonymous said...

not related to this post: wow, i can't believe your sis-in-law lives in my city... small world!! have you been here before?

related to this post: i feel you on the thick hair thing. why do you think i have short hair?? ;] and i still thin it out by about 50% at least once a month to keep my hair from looking like a helmet up there on my head. i donated my hair to locks of love after my wedding in 2008; it had to be cut in two separate pony tails - each of which looked like a "normal" person's pony tail.

also, i hope you've embraced your height. i'm like leigh up there, only 5'1". i'm not unhappy with how tall i am by any means, but it always makes me a little sad to hear my tall friends talk about being embarrassed. don't be - just own it. :]


Beck said...

How fun! HI! Looking forward to getting to know you better too. We're a similar height- I'm 5'10.5"! That extra half inch makes all the difference. ;) I need to wear the flats- dear Tobes is shorter than me at the best of times- but I do love bringing out the heels occasionally too!
I'm trying to be more like Jesus too- it's a daily commitment isn't it and a constant journey. Thank God for his mercy and grace!

Miriam said...


#1) grilled cheese dipped in ketchup is my favourite and the only way to go.

#2) lets plan a girls hair accessory making evening! Bows will be flying all over the place. Also, please save that transformers band-aid for me.

#3) a large Samoan man spiked a ball so hard onto my arm in a college volleyball class that it broke one of my blood vessels. so sad. kinda random...but the word volleyball was mentioned in this post. so it applies. :)

leigh said...

YAY! So interesting! We have a lot in common. Ursula gave me nightmares too!!
<3 leigh

Megan said...

You, your life, and your blog are adorable and awesome- I feel so inspired after reading it! I'm so excited :)

Yelena Starikova said...

Green is a Great Color!!!

Im your new follower!


Lauren Margaret said...

Love this!

So glad I got to learn a bit about you, and so glad to see that people across the world are so similar :) I too was terrified of Ursula. Mike and I call each other "Bugaboo" - no idea where that came from. And he dips his grilled cheese in [curry] ketchup ;)

Looking forward to reading more!

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