Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fashion Fuel: Topshop

Here's a little something to warm you up


I was browsing through Topshop's Spring/Summer Collections today. If I can't actually be in Sweden for the summer, I guess the next best thing is to look the part. I'm always up for being a little 70's, a tad Bohemian, and slightly European. I think it's how long my hair is now, I'm feeling free-spirited. Maybe start carrying a tambourine?

Even if your fashion-conscience won't let you jump into this look full-force, that doesn't mean you have to abandon it completely! Mix in a breezy floral print, a delicate cardigan, some lace, suede, a maxi dress, chunky wedges, etc. Little touches here and there.

I threw together an outfit that I would like to wear all summer long:

Flowers in your hair are optional, but always appreciated. Especially in Portland.

Shout out to a few of my European lovelies that I'm missing today: Birgitta, Marta, Ruthie, Victoria, Tina, Louise, Birgitte, Iina, Kata, Susanne, Stina, Jenny, Miriam, Kath, and Helena.

Hope you are having a lively Saturday. Lovely and lively!


{Bon Bon}

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Let's take a coffee break said...

The picture of your outfit you put together is super cute!


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