Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Story of the Three Stooges

{Kona, Hawaii}

Once upon a time, I lived on a beautiful tropical island for a few months. I went there not knowing anyone, ready for an adventure, and trying hard on a daily basis not to miss everything I had left behind back at home for 6 months.

{especially this guy}

Thankfully, I bumped into Meredith and J.J. at the beginning of it all.

{me, jj, and mere}

We helped each other survive a tiny room with 10 girls and 1 bathroom.

{love them all}

Went on weekly dates down to Coconut Grove: Lava Java for coffee and banana pancakes or Hayashi's for $5 sushi rolls.

{best breakfast by the ocean}

Beach trips, Wal-Mart runs, karaoke, photo shoots, 2-day treks to Hilo by foot. Long conversations and heart-to-heart moments.

{trek across the island}

{we made it. long story short}

{on top of rainbow falls}

{bff photo shoot with Jim Baker}

{welcome to Oregon bridesmaids. Bachelorette party}

{Thai lunch. just the 3 of us}


{beautiful friends}

These amazing women will forever be sister-friends to me.
I kind of miss them today. Oklahoma and New York seem so far away.

Hooray for Skype, scheming up reunion #3,

and lovely Tuesday wishes to you!


{Bon Bon}


Megan said...

This is so sweet...I loved all the pictures. Made me miss my besties.

my name is lauren. said...

yay for fun friends! you guys look like you have a lot of fun together :).

Jenni said...

10 girls to 1 bathroom?! *Shudder.* Sweet post girl! :)

Jamie Walker said...

This is adorable. And I'm totally jealous of the trip to Rainbow Falls!


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