Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Makeup Junkie

Yet another confession. I have a feeling I'll be making many, many, many of these throughout this little blog. My quirkiness might be fully revealed, so be forewarned! Ok, what's the confession? Well, I like beauty products. A lot a lot. In fact, I like them so much that I did my own makeup for my wedding, mainly because I love all of the products I own and I know my face better than anyone else. My love for clothes, shoes, and accessories also runs very deep, but amazingly enough, (and thankfully), I am not one who buys all the time, or even a few times. I'd rather wait until I really need something or can ask for it as a gift. At least this isn't confessions of a shopaholic.

{the truth is}

I love window shopping for makeup, (window shopping in general. sometimes more like window stalking), and occasionally will buy something new, only after a thorough investigation, reading reviews, etc. I'm kind of a nerd like that.

Recently, I organized all of my makeup that had been crammed into a makeup bag under the sink for far too long.

{Target Plastic Organizer: $6.00}

Now I can keep everything in it's precise section: eyes, cheeks, lips, and face. I also have a small separate makeup bag filled with things I usually reach for daily/take with me if we travel.

No more digging through a makeup bag for me!


My OCD thinks it's pretty great too. What?


{Bon Bon}


Rachel said...

Hey heyo! thanks for the fun blog comment. Loving your cute lil blog here. Ok, I am obsessed with all things Bare Minerals. Do you use any? And Make up organizer is a MUST. I have a cute drawer organizer from Bed Bath and Beyond and it's changed my life. You can also take it out and wash it so that all that mineral powder doesn't stay in there forever.

Rachel said...

I wrote a long comment then my comp messed up. but yes, i recommend everything in their line.

Megan said...

I definitely need to do this!! My makeup is a mess and I can never find what I want!!

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