Friday, January 14, 2011

Portland is Infamous

I love telling people that I'm an Oregonian. Is it just me, or do most Oregonians feel this way? Maybe we are a little proud in our thinking, but honestly, whenever I tell someone out of state where I'm from, they get a little wistful look in their eyes. Either they've heard of this magical place, visited the state, moved away and wish they still were here, or have no idea where Orrr-eee-gone is on a map but are intrigued by the promise of city-country-beach-dessert-mountain living.

Yes, we have some quirks. Most political and legal matters drive me up the wall. Rainy days can get a tad melancholy. On the bright side though, we have interesting places to explore, people are (generally) friendly, perfect seasons year-round (especially summer), and the streets are flowing with coffee and beer. Plus, no sales tax and many of us don't know how to pump gas, both of which always throws me for a loop when I'm traveling. Many a time I've found myself fumbling for another dollar in change in the check-out line or awkwardly sitting at the gas station waiting for service...oops. Darn Oregonians.

{camping.outside.overnight.freezing.for playoff tickets.}

I love Portland. Rip City is in my blood, (My grandparents used to sponsor the Trailblazers, so I grew up going to the games and eating dinner with the team. Yes, I thought I was famous and yes, I did wear a Blazers cheerleading outfit). Oregon will always have a special place in my heart.

Now we have a show focused on us too! "Portlandia", a 6-part short-based comedy series starring Fred Armisen (SNL) and Carrie Brownstein (vocalist/guitarist), airs on IFC Fridays at 10:30 starting January 21st. The 1st episode is online now though. Can't wait to see Portland through their eyes with a little self-deprecating humor! "The dream of the 90's is alive in Portland." Supposedly. Ok. Yeah. I can see it. Definitely check it out!

Happy Friday!


{Bon Bon}

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mrs. chinncredible said...

my best friend's family is from oregon and washington state. she grew up here in kentucky and i've known her since we were 9, but she's been to your part of the country several times and is actually moving back to washington right now (sad face). she talks about oregon just like you do... i can't wait til i get the chance to get out there and see it. :]


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